Sunday, September 2, 2018


"Everybody is a genius but if you judge a fish by it ability to climb a tree, it will live it whole life believing that it is stupid..."

      Albert Einstein

Don't let anyone deceive you, we are far from progress with this kind of mentality. How do you judge a Credible Candidate by the weight of his/her pocket?

Aren't we looking for a way out of this mess? why do we keep indulging in the same method that created the problem at the first place?

How much did baba Awolowo used in contesting then or even Shagari himself?

When the Nototyoungtorun bill was passed in the National Assembly and was assented by the President , the youth were excited but the truth is that, Is it not tricky to say you are allowed to contest but you would have to purchase a form of #55 million or 12 million naira to contest for president or #400,000 - #1.5M for house of Assembly? It is even better for them to say capital NO to the bill.

How do you expect a young man of 25 - 35 years to get #400, 000 - 1. 5 million for house of Assembly or more than that for other higher positions. Why won't they steal when a candidate purchases a Nomination form for about #55 million even #12Million or does it mean they are going there to get back their funds in Multiple folds ? If that's the case then Nigeria Politics should also be called Political investment where you invest can #55 million, you get #55 billion after your 4 years
How do we move this nation forward?

Does it mean that Political parties in Nigeria contributes to the Economy of this country with the money they are collecting just for nomination form fees ? Why would a Presidential form be 12 - 55 million naira? How do you expect a young man of Forty - forty five to get #55 million to contest, so what you are telling us is that the bill that was passed was not #Nototyoungtorun but #onlydrichcanrun wow!!! Interesting

It widely accepted that the problems of Nigeria is our leaders, And our leaders already know that we know that they are our problems and that we have plans to send them back to their various villages with our PVC that's why they are making all effort to frustrate the young ones by the  exorbitant rate of Nomination forms fee /Money Politics and the likes.

Until Nigerians leaders begin to create a plane ground for everyone to be able to participate , I doubt the progress of this country

There was an initial recommendations from Nototyoungtorun as regard the sales of Nomination forms to all political parties that they should reduce their form fee so that the youth can participate in the process.

 Any Political party that has failed to yield to the demands of the youth will surely produces Candidate that will dilapidate this country.

I advice Nigerians to consider Political parties that accommodates the youth in this Forthcoming election, let us dwell away from political parties that extort candidates to sustain their party's infrastructures .

Fowobaje Oluwaseun Pope jero
President, Youth Manumission Movement NGN...

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