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The Rap battle challenge between two CHTA students, SUGAR BOI & GROWN that started at exactly 10:20 am in the morning today and ended at exactly 2:42 pm in the afternoon on WhatsApp.

Check out there text on WhatsApp to vote for them by commenting with there name. Comment within the next 24 hours.

The rap battle is base on LIFESTYLE.


[7/9, 10:20 AM] Sugar Boi: Fresh lifestyle here, always like a brand new day...
Hustle everyday and night , shuga no dey gbolude 😞
Balling hard pelu euro- Cristiano Ronaldo
Anywhere, won man funmi L'OWOH mi- Orlando!

Ibile to the core, mix Hennessey pelu jedi
Aja mi dey always gbera niqqa ko kin remi
Pop my collar for girls, shugacane is popular
Flow pelu oyinbo, mo tun le flow ni vernacular

Boys wan obtain me like say I be
Professional WOLEWOLE, stunting in my uniform.
Pay attention broke boys, your gf pay me gratitude
Lamborghini state of mind with las gidi attitude

Crown on my head, I'm a boss on another level
Evil spirit flows like say I'm another devil
You fit 9ice gan but oo le ri photocopy
We ball hard in my team, awon temi man play rugby.

Always got my code on and they wanna know my pattern
It's ironic it's harder as they try harder
Swimming in the cold flow, awon temi dey lubo
You definitely can't compare cocaine to elubo

Respect my hustle niqqa I'm not for the bullshit
Beat lo ma n inspire mi, I don't need smoke kushi
But when the waves are low just me a cup of scooshis
And watch me kill all these niqqas wey dey call themselves kuti

[7/9, 10:52 AM] Grown: Look it back from now,it's been years a rap god was born/grown isn't that a name of a god/rep markeveeli(2pac),I call him amaru shakur/a tug to d call/never met him but I feel him in ma blood.
Just went wild nd young shoutout to khalifa and dogg/ now m bout to flow,cos d whole world is bored/
The say money($$) makes a men/I swear street made me a man/it was crazy/at 6, I did a push up on my friend's lady/same 6,five meats went missing from ma mama's pot,isn't that crazy?(lol)/.spoke on ma birthday,isn't amazing?/
God helped me up when nigga was down/then I gave three sisters extra rounds/it's really crazy how that sounds/but I did a promo giving your girl extra rounds/
Wanna picture my life? U need an HD/grown,same nigga who play safe without CD/grown same nigga who married the world's three witches/Rihanna,BeyoncΓ© and minaj nicki.
Smart360 got me talking bout my lifestyle/I told him,mine isn't bout that flash type/but a ghetto life,coupled with hard life /grown's life isn't that a hype life?hmm
I swear street gave grown many lessons/one thing I learned,blessing follows every lesson/grown,dat same street criminal,but v Neva been to a prison/v been looking for myself lately without missing and reasons/
Have trust issues,v Neva trusted my friends/would trust anyone if only I could trust myself/this got me wondering like who u epp/street ambassador thats who I rep.
I killed today with ma bottle/so it leaves my tomorrow wif a new battle/
Living life like it's borrowed/neglecting tomorrow/I fire rap like arrow touching haters from body down to their marrows/
How many more will grown have to speak? I swear new shits ain't new to me/cos street taught me how to twist mysteries to benefits.
By 25 I said awl ride n my own car/no m not talking bout taxi cab/mama wants grown to be pro but I set my eyes on cash/
Sometimes I had to stay silent to keep ma mind talking/mind thinking,mouth willing but me ain't talking/I feel it's rush hour,but ain't rushing/until now my pen just did the talking/guess I spent time looking for what's wronging(lol)
Am a teen with grown mind of 70/only question I asked God was y I came late/maybe 70s grown would have found a beta mate/

But smart360,get this.
Birthday and deathday have a deal,which is time/
Have never lost anything which ain't Mine.

Now m bout to drop my pen cos m done/I just killed a beat like nas d don/I guess now u must be know the chosen one/please who is gonna miss me when am gone??hahaha



[7/9, 11:02 AM] Grown: Am for ever cautious,I make mistakes only typographically/AMA big time hustler you only find me geographically/am so paranoid see that typically/I got killer verses I shouldn't drop lyrically/
I don't speak more than I see/but grown sees more than he speaks/tried so hard,but seems they never get enough of me/which made me swallow more than i spit/
I give niggas shit like they my toilet/am a fire boy,ain't something u can toy with/I had holy communion with evil nd Holy Spirits.
Now which side of me do u get to know/good or bad say something bout brother grown/
Yes I ain't rich but av never been broke.

[7/9, 11:55 AM] Sugar Boi: Ibile straight to the point ko saye kin ma spoking / o n gba lori mi bi palmoil, Eruku lala - smoking / dabira fawon temi oya dab /igboro no dey dull the level - oya clap/ Wo me I no be choir, mi o mo bon se n ko tenor /but If I grab the mic, alaye I be terror / shugacane be my name mo dun mo n fa jedi / if you think say na lie lo bere lowo seki /

[7/9, 11:55 AM] Sugar Boi: I speak sense in my verses it's not just the rhymes /I'm sick of rappers being very immature all the time /spitting trash and feeling fly/it's not the norm but only few would understand / if I go hardcore I spit dopeness by the kilo / no time for pillow talk or verses long like limos /if it's cypher few can decipher this /the ruin I bring on rappers is like apocalypse / stop spitting the chronicles, cuz I'm the revelation /making rappers search for home like the exodus / high rank on the hierarchy - it's like levitation

[7/9, 12:10 PM] Sugar Boi: I dropped a punch line that killed a guy in past tense / feel the switch I'm pulling and be embarrassed /arise o muthafuvka and sing along this anthem /I spit fire like dragons but I look like a bat / even if this is suya all these rappers cannot rap it / even if I turn to ball, all these rappers no fit pass me / I would have kept rapping on lifestyle /but they cannot tell the difference /and that what happens to baby rappers under the influence /of nurserymen and daycares /I send you to your grave and have you stay there / I'm a giant compared to all these midgets /it's only a matter of time before you burn out like cigarette

[7/9, 12:22 PM] Grown: Some rappers just like to hit at me thinking awl make them famous/I saw senseless verses,oh God!,it's hilarious/the game is rap on life style but u dissing,that's sign of unseriousness/take this serious and better ask for forgiveness/
What's rap without a ryhme?/what's life without time?that's your take home assignment.
I still stick to da basis,cos am on one.lifestyle is what we on so get dat on.

[7/9, 12:23 PM] Sugar Boi: One rapper thought about me now he's says he's paranoid / cuz I gave him wait-and-get, something like a polaroid /my lifestyle got me staying away from bitches / cuz this thug life I run has to be free from hitches /as I fix a plate on the street kitchen I stunt around town like I came pimping /I give this very very diluted /like I have to put a cue on every line /I keep the strong stuff for niqqas who can handle the higness /keep this in your heart, shugacane is royalty /grow the hustle, keep the love show the loyalty

[7/9, 12:29 PM] Grown: That line ain't for anyone but to whom it may concern/if you think it hits u had,we got a deal we can sign/get to my door and bow and I promise I'd teach u better flows/
You trying boy/just that m a rap god/I fell from haeaven like da fallen angels/I must have been through hell but boy uv been no where/
Chop up ur deuces/I paid my dues and your girl pay me seduces.

[7/9, 12:34 PM] Grown: Am heavenly gifted and talented/d last gift u had was your grandpa's suit/
Ma raps are heavenly trusted/the last gift u had was ur grandpa's shoe.

[7/9, 1:32 PM] Grown: Face me your dream is dead say bye to it/bottles for tonight celebration all ice on it/
Theses rappers r goat,proving so sturbbon,beta run,cos here come the beast/ got thousands of verses no time to repeat/
Tell me who is da king of d jungle? Grown lion!
I rule your empire like lucious lyon/ nigga don't get scared now that m on.
Am da president control all u street politics/king of ya resident,I control ur rap policies/

[7/9, 1:32 PM] Grown: Standing on ma words preparing to face the war/AMA keep dropping verses till a nigga is shot of words.
Giving me a standing ovation welcome to ma world/
Now that m king of d jungle/keep dropping single ,I swear I'd come better in double/
Dissolve me am insoluble.
I got words like cyclopedia/
This boy ain't seeing well,he is got myopia/he missed Niaja for Ethiopia/he gots scales on like tilapia.
Tell me what's your problem,I've got solution to your life situation/don't show me thanks,save your appreciation.

[7/9, 2:13 PM] Sugar Boi: The only gift you got from heaven is facial hair/
Your can't maintain your balance/ I'm an officer I gallant/ you ain't nothing more than a Teddy bear

[7/9, 2:42 PM] Sugar Boi: Sick rapper my verses cause epidemic / infectious with the flow just to make dem haters panic /step up your game, get some fuel and heat up/ or better still get another rapper to team up/ face your fears ogbeni G up/ it's the sound of my glock at the sound of click clock/ I spit lines that stun you in amazement / I'll slay you in the mud and skin you on a pavement /just so you know who's hot and who's not / thunderbolt from the flow you decipher who's nut / I can tell a mirror is the one thing in your tools box/ now take a look at you and me and I'm a give you goosebumps.



  1. Both of them tried but I think grown knows how to ryhme

  2. Grown all d way!

  3. Grown don do am again

  4. Sincerely grown speaks like he quotes
    I love it.

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  6. Sugarboi noni

  7. Grown is a monster







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