Thursday, December 12, 2019

"Suspension of Strike Without Electricity Is An Assault to Nigerians" - Olorungbotemi, VAM Publisher

VAM Online Newspaper through the Publisher, Olorungbotemi Tunde Bright, One Voice, made an appeal to the Federal Government of Nigeria to listen and pay adequate attention to the National Union of Electricity Employees (NUEE) leadership in a statement at a press conference held in Lagos.

Olorungbotemi call on the Federal Government to look at the effect of the strike on Nigeria’s economy at a time like this.

As many Small and Medium Scale Enterprises are the ones at the loosing end; increasing the sufferings of the poor masses.

“It is unethical as a nation with a developing capacity to be in a dilemma of total blackout despite the nemesis engraved in it repercussions. The lacadastic altitude of the government to the electricity workers is unpalatable to humanity.”

The Chairman of NUEE, Federal Capital Territory Chapter, Godfrey Aba, said the union were at the ministry to protest the non-payment of severance package to members who were employees of the defunct Power Holding Company of Nigeria.

Recall the union embarked on an indefinite strike on Wednesday at the end of a 21-day ultimatum issued to the government concerning some working conditions in the sector. He further accused the government of doing nothing throughout the period the ultimatum lasted.

Suspension Of The Industrial Action:
What a goodnews, but according to my research they brought the light about fifteen minutes within the early hours of thursday morning, even though the reasons are yet to be made public as i speak.” and imagine a private owned establishment is  embarking on a strike to the detriment of it's customers and subscribers. Although, we understand that the Government are the regulators of the sector.

Olorungbotemi added that, “It is on this note i urge the Federal Government to consider every Nigerian at this crucial time of the festive period, majority of the less privileged citizens make use of electricity even though it is not stable; one day we shall get it right in this nation.

I applaud the electricity workers’ union for taking Nigeria first in shifting grounds and enjoin the Federal Government not to take their negotiation for granted and desist from making industrial actions.  It is disgusting that the only language our government understand is 'Protest/Strike' before sorting issues that matter to  National Interest.

Nigerians desirous of a growth in the power sector, we need an efficient stable electricity, our government and the NUEE officials should work together to give us the best according to what we deserve as a great nation, and what is obtainable in other part of the globe" he said.

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