Monday, September 30, 2019

Open Letter to Omoyele Sowere By Fowobaje Oluwaseun (Pope Jero)

" Tough time don't last, tough people do "

  Robert H Schuller

Distinguish comrade sir, I wish I can see you and offer you a book titled tough time don't last, tough people do written by Robert H Schuller.

Sir, I read some of your activities in Unilag when you were the student Union president and how you were being victimized. You have being in this struggle long time ago maybe you have adopted this quote that says "Struggle continues until the equation of justice is balanced."

Your opinion about what leadership is all about is what is hunting you presently, you believed leadership should be about selfless service, you believed leadership should be about the people, the welfare of the people. unfortunately, this part of this world do not appreciate that philosophy. They believed in spending the nation's resources for their personal greed in order to forcefully keep the people under them.

Are you aware that the Senate is planning on spending 5.6bn on cars? I mean with the nation's treasury. That's why they are hunting you because you are going against that philosophy.

Are you aware how South Africans humiliated Nigerians because our country could not give the best to their citizens? the president of this nation never at any point in time address Nigerians as regard the subject matter. We now have a very bad reputation in the global world.

I discovered that the Federal government has taken your issue personal because they are trying to defend their failures and at the same time trying to govern Nigerians by force.

The level of Poverty in this country is getting very unbearable and this people called our leaders can not feel it, they are fucking rich, they don't know that a congo of rice is now #600. How do you expect me to survive when a congo of rice is #600 under the minimum wages of #18,000? that's the nation we find ourselves.

The level of unemployment that rock the nation has given the youth no other choice than to look for alternatives , crime activities would continue if the leaders of this nation do not find a lasting solution to this malady, no one wants to die of hunger.

You advised that one of the ways the government can flourish is by cutting down the expenses of the government and investing them into people lives but you see that these people are going contrary to that opinion, they are spending what they are not earning. That's why they are hunting you.

President Donald Trump, the president of the most powerful nation in world has always been insulted by both the citizens and non citizens of United States of America but I have never seen anyone one arraigned for insulting the president of the United State of America , I think the joy of democracy is to have right to an opinion but our president has taken it as an insult to say he is underperforming. Is he not? So pathetic!!!

Distinguished comrade Sir, you have displayed an undisputable courage. you see, Nigerian people are really hungry because of the abject poverty the leadership of this country has designed to humble Nigerians and instead of them to demand for good governance, we are struggling to get our stomach filled

Omoyele Sowere , tough time don't last, tough people do.

Be strong sir ...

Written by comrade Fowobaje Oluwaseun Gbenga aka Pope Jero  

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