Tuesday, July 23, 2019

ORide, Gokada slapped with huge taxes

Lagos state is known for its crazy traffic. On a good day, the average man's time in a traffic is about thirty minutes. This has genrated various outcries by the citizens for the government to do something about it. Rumour has it that a man was called that his baby was born. He left the office and immediately faced Lagos traffic. But alas, his new born baby girl had grown, and was about to get married when he got home from the traffic. 

Morbid jokes aside, this prompted some innovative minds to think up a solution. 'If the government doesn't do something, then we can do something about it ourselves', they probably told themselves. Then out came ORide and Gokada. Testimonies have flowed in of how these bike hailing services have saved time with bikes having the ability to navigate through traffic and all at an affordable price.

Uproar arose when the Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria (RTEAN) and National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) began to demand 'taxes' from the bike hailing service riders. Link below.


However, a new development arose with the Lagos state government involved. The biking services have been slapped with license license tax of about $70,000  per year for their first 1000 bikes and an additional $85 per year for every additional bike. The outcry have been pouring out as it seems the government is content with making the lives of Nigerians hard. These bike hailing services started about 12 months ago. This license tax might shut down their operations for good.

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