Friday, January 18, 2019

Khadijat's Death: Dr. Pelemo Gave graphic details of decomposing body

A Consultant Pathologist, Dr. Olumuyiwa Pelemo gave graphic details of the decomposing corpse of the late daughter of the former deputy governor of Ondo State, Khadijat Oluboyo, who was killed by her boyfriend.
Recall that the deceased was allegedly killed for ritual by his boyfriend, Saidu-Shakiru Adeyemi, who dug a grave, buried her and slept on it for days before he was arrested.

Testifying at the resumption of the murder case before an Akure High Court, Dr. Olumuyiwa Pelemo, said the hairs on her head and pubic region were shaved, while her two upper front teeth were broken off.

The Police prosecution, led by Helen Falowo, had invited the medical expert to give evidence in the murder case.
Dr. Pelemo said the corpse, which was exhumed and presented for autopsy on July 9, 2018 was already at the early stage of decomposition.

According to him, it was observed “that there was an abnormal shaving of the hair on the deceased’s head and the pubic region while her two upper front teeth had been broken off, leaving only some fragments left.
He added that there were fractures on the bones of her neck, shoulder along with her second to the sixth ribs on both sides, a dislocation of her hip joints with another fracture on the upper part of her thigh.

Pelemo said that “the injuries could not have been self inflicted but given by another party, and inflicted with a significant pressure especially the upper thigh region which had a lot of muscles.

The medical practitioner said that “there were lacerations on her chest which damaged two major vessels known as the phemora artery and vein that circulate blood in the body.

“The combined effects of the injuries led to Khadijat’s death.”
The autopsy report was admitted after due process as an exhibit before the court.

The brother of the defendant also testified that the family got wind of the development when his brother confessed to him that the missing girl was actually dead and buried in his room.

He confessed that the defendant begged him to get a sack in which they could dispose the corpse, but decided to report to their father who in turn ordered him to report to the Police.
The testimony of the father of the defendant, Seidu Siyanbola corroborated that of his son.

Seidu pointed out that he knew the deceased as his son’s girlfriend, adding that they had been courting for three years.

He added that his son confessed to him that some men had killed her and buried her inside his room and threatened to deal with his family if he reported the incident to the Police.

The father said that was the reason his son gave him for hiding the truth, while the deceased’s family members were looking for her.

He admitted that the defendant did not betray any emotion during the period that the deceased body was decomposing in his room.

Meanwhile, the prosecution has closed its case, while the defence was expected to open its case on January 21.

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