Thursday, January 17, 2019

"Don't fix the blame, fix the problem"- Pope Jero

      Robert H Schuller

Around 12:54am in the night, I couldn't sleep I listened to all the music on my phone yet I couldn't sleep so I decided to checked my monthly book which was "Tough time don't last, tough people do" by Dr Robert H Schuller. I wanted to read few pages so that I can sleep. I felt motivated with with contents of the book especially when I got to page 25 - 37 of the book. I was thrilled by the words of Robert H Schuller which deals with positive thinking, how tough people were able to manage their crises and still survive, fixing problems and realizing the fact that nobody owes you an apology for failing.

At that point when I saw where he wrote "don't fix the blame, fix the problem" it reminds me of the fact that i am still in Nigeria where everything seems blank, where standard of living is extremely difficult, where people are so depressed that suicide rate is skyrocketing.

As a progressive minded Nigerian, I quickly subscribe for a 250MB to check some facts on internet on how some countries survived depression under great leaders.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt's achievements was captivating, he was sworn in at the height of depression, he immediately lunched a new deal to end the recession. it was written that in 1941 he faced the first attack on America soil at Pearl harbor and it was said that Roosevelt spent more to gear up factories to produce equipment needed for America to enter world war 2.

It was recorded that Franklin Delano Roosevelt solved the problem of economy, social security, the U. S minimum wage and insurance for bank deposit.

He wasn't busy complaining about the problem he met on ground rather he was able to fix the problem and created a sustainable structure to enhance good standard of living for the people of United States of America.

I also read that President Barack Obama entered into office in 2009 to fight the 2008 financial crises, he immediately lunched the ambitious affordable Health care Act, he ended the 2008 recession. In 2009, the U.S Congress approved Obama 's $787billion economic stimulus package,it cut taxes and create job opportunities.

Don't you think he would wasted have so much time complaining about past leaders instead of fixing the problem not the blame.

I glance through how Singapore became a successful country when Independence separated them in 1965, they were underdeveloped yet their first prime minister Kuan yew was able to strategize in solving the problem with a transformational Policies that brought about the change mantra in Singapore of today.

No country is Problem - free, Our leaders must be prepared to take up challenges and overcome them , it is their responsibility to do that and at the same time they must create a positive vibe that will instigate Positivity amongst the people and not serving as threat to them.

Dr Robert H Schuller said ; A Problem free life is an illusion, a mirage in the desert, it is a dangerously deceptive perception which can misled, blind and distract , he said to pursue a problem free life is to run after an elusive fantasy, it is a waste of mental and physical energies .

We must eradicate the mindset that there would be a time that any administration would inherit a problem free country , it is just a mirage in the desert, it is not possible but we must be prepared to solve problems and not fixing blame.

Henry Ford said, Don't find fault, find remedy.

Written by
Fowobaje Oluwaseun Gbenga Pope jero
President, Youth Manumission Movement
Popefowobaje@gmail.com. 08161328883

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