Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Love: It's Inception and Tips- Akinrinwa Victoria

By: Akinrinwa Victoria Olubunmi
Love is a profound and caring affection towards someone.

Love being an affection could occur to both male and female folks.

Inception- The inception of love is based on the responsibility of the heart, it begins when  you suddenly desire someone presence more often, you can never commence a love journey if your mind isn't at ease with the lady or guy you are into.

He said he loves you how am I sure he does, he is caring, kind, good looking, friendly and different questions are been  monitored by the mind and responded by the heart.

Be dead to sweet alterations, having that belief that a lot of things which aren't yours will be said because he wants you.

 But how can you deduce he wants you and you alone and the journey will start well ?let your mind do the readings be focus, be bold and free to ask him questions that seems difficult to answer but with a lot of persuasion he will definitely give answers.

I think with all this you will have a good start and a view about love.
Tips are those things we need to do or follow to be successful in one's life career.

Tips of Love
1. Sense of personal belongings (no one will ever wish or will be happy to see its belongings getting destroyed in his/her presence, when you have that sense of personal belongings that the lady or the guy is your property, then he/she will remain a priority unto you, which nothing must happen to.              
2. Sincerity, many love journey got crushed cause they ain't plain with each other, you need to be sincere with each other absence then things will go on well.

3. Commitment, (it goes along with endurance), show commitment unto that lady or guy that has good plans and motives for himself/herself.

Lastly, you might be too big or too small in their eyes, but you're the perfect size for the heart that's meant to love you, you might be too shy or fool in the sight, but you've got the best personality in the sight of the being that's meant to love you, you might be too dark or colorful, never let how they feel about you change how you feel about yourself, Never let your value be their determine preferences, you're valuable not because of how they sees you, but you're valuable cause that's how you're meant to be.

By: Akinrinwa Victoria Olubunmi

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