Friday, November 2, 2018


To God be all the glory, praises, Honour and adorations for the opportunity He has bestowed on us, to witness this epic day, in the political history of Ilaje Nation. I am Hon. Lebile Emmanuel  a native of Ilaje Local Government,
 an active youth politician with a grounded political background. I am a business man and An alumni of American College Of Higher Education  BTEC and Wichita State University, Kansas USA were I study " Human Resource Management".

I have carried out series of consultation with various relevant cum major political stakeholders, and I have been welcomed  and accepted by all. However, I wish to consciously and emphatically inform my supporters, electorates and constituents that I will be contesting as Member, Ondo State House of Assembly (Ilaje Constituency2 ) come 2019, in the general election.

May I reiterate, that my major reason  for contesting in the forthcoming Election and at this capacity, is to use my legislative capability to advocate for the development of the people of Ilaje constituency 2 and to protect the interest of the entire Ilaje Nation. I firmly believe that when I pursue the aforementioned goals diligently, it will bring about improvement in the Social, Cultural and Economic growth of the people of my constituency and the entire Ilaje Nation.

My mission statement : “to develop and promote the relationship between the constituents and their representative in the House for a grassroot oriented and electorate centered policies with development process in Ilaje Constituency 2, Ondo State".

It will and must look absurd if My area of interested which must be in accordance with our prestigious Party manifesto and so, I present My area of interest.



That I have listen the above, hence a method of accomplishment must follow, and by this I present My methodology.


To achieve a legacy of sustainable development across my constituency, I am going to engage in participatory approach to ensure that the constituents are carried along in the prioritization, design, implementation, and evaluation of projects.

If elected, apart from making laws to ensure that my constituency will get part of what is due to them in total.
 Human capital development would be one of my priorities, and to achieve this, I will organize empowerment programs for youths, women, elders and all encompassing in my Constituency.

I will structure my activities within a distinct agenda that include an economical development agenda that will be focused on generation of sustainable economic opportunities for micro, medium and Macro enterprise.
There will also be a capacity agenda that will support institutional strengthening for local and community based organizations.

As we all know, that Education is the key to building successful Nation. When we all acquired the right form of education, it will lead to a more productive society.  My contribution to the education sector would include but not limited to.

* Provision of learning materials to students in my constituency. This includes: visual aids, teaching/instructional materials e.g multimedia components, textbooks, IP boards, desktop computers, slides and laptops.

* Provision of scholarships to students in my constituency.

* Establishment of free educational coaching centres for learners preparing for external examinations such as Basic Entrance Certificate Examination (BECE), WAEC, NECO, UTME etc.

If elected, I will make useful use of my constituency allowance to support my constituents with the provisions of basic infrastructure that will meet the needs of our people.

If elected, I will advocate for the financial autonomy of OSOPADEC. It is generally believed that the major reason why OSOPADEC has not fulfill it mandate in the expected cum mandated areas is basicly due to poor management of the 13% oil derivation by the Ondo State Government. I will subsequently join forces with other honorable members to sponsor a bill that will grant OSOPADEC it financial autonomy. This will  further enhance the performance of OSOPADEC and will strengthen OSOPADEC to fulfill it mandate in the expected mandate areas.

I will also advocate for the improvement of the health facilities and health service delivery in Ilaje Nation. This shall be done through my  collaborative efforts with the ministry of health and other authorities to achieve this objective.

To achieve some of the above mentioned goals, I will liase with the executive arm of the government to drive home sustainable development within Ilaje constituency 2.

What is going on in our constituency is not new to us. We need a fair representation whereby the need of our constituency will be handled, addressed and brought to the focal point. I know that I cannot do it alone. I want to count on your support and assistant.

We need to define the kind of change we want and ensure that the change we finally elect is the one we can trust and relate with harmoniously,  I have no doubt in mind that this time around, our people will consider capacity, capability, antecedent and preparedness cum versatility, and not vote buying. For it is when you agree to sell your votes again, know that you are not only keeping yourself below poverty line but making it impossible for you to hold your representatives accountable. Let’s think twice! as we go to the polls to elect our representatives.

Thanks and God bless us all!
God bless Ilaje Nation!
God bless Ondo State!
God bless Nigeria!

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