Saturday, August 11, 2018

Man O War gets first female commander

Caleb ijioma

Ex dragon sqaud commander,  Olaniyan titilayo habibat has been appointed today as the commander of Man o War, Aapoly command. This appointment was announced at the passing out parade held today In the polytechnic.

The immediate past commander,stateman kayode rozay made the announcement

Commander Olaniyan titilayo habibat happens to be the first female commander in the history of Man o War, Aapoly command.

While speaking to RoundNews, she expressed her gratitude to everyone who came to Grace the event and regarded the appointment as a privilege.

"Its a great privilege to be the new man o war commander, During my national diploma days I was the commander/coordinator of the dragon squad. The dragon squad is just like the rescue team.when there are issue and we have to come in,they are the first set of people to attend to the issue.and when there is need  reinforcement that is when others are being called upon" she said

When asked about what she intend to achieve as the new commander, she said she intend to make the paramilitary organization active in the institution.

"I am looking forward to a better relationship between the management, students and the organization, I intend to make man o war more active in school,and the students security still remain a priority to the organization" she said.

RoundNews gathered that Commander Titilayo will commence activities starting from Monday.

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