Friday, September 15, 2017


For several years, the various constituencies that constitute the present day Ondo south senatorial district under the firm grip of the government who exploited both the socioeconomic and political situation of the district for their own benefit.
It is no news therefore to read that the government dupe our people, invaded them and heinously exploited our resources to boost their gains at the detriment of our people.

The southern part of Ondo state is the most blessed district in terms of human resources and it comprises of six (6) local governments. The 80% of the revenue generated from the state comes from this region and its the most economic viable parts of Ondo state..

Resources produced and their location....
Crude Oil- Ilaje local government.
Bitumen- Irele local government.
Palm Oil- Okitipupa/ Irele local government.
Rubber- Araromi Obun ( Odigbo local government).
Fish farming- Ilaje/ Ese-Odo local government.
Cassava - Okitipupa/ Irele..
White sand for ceramic- Ilaje local government.

How fair..
The truth is that the road has been laced with a lot of potholes ups and down, it has not been all that smooth, it has been rough, rugged and devastating. The situation is made worse by our political gladiators, many of whom do not mean well for this zone.
From day one, the foundation of our sovereignty has been laid on shaky ground, our leaders started digging the foundation of the gloomy future.

Some years back, their were still factories to point at in the district ( Oluwa glass, Okitipupa oil mill) but now this two factories are no more due to the fact that our emerging leaders were selfish, inept, illiberal,greedy, narrow minded,rapacious and to say the list parsimonious. Rather than laying a beautiful plan for the future of the district, they played into gallery.

It should be mentioned here that to some extent some of the past leaders of the district that distinguished itself with many projects that were described as one of its kinds which dotted the horizons of the district.
Don't forget that OSUSTECH was created by Dr. Olusegun Agagu with some stakeholders of the south, Igbokoda Aiyetoro road and the extension of Igbokoda- Araromi road, Okitipupa - Irele road, Maintenance of Omotosho power plants Odigbo and the likes...

The problems of our people today can be traced to our political leaders. This will surely be asinine to argue to the contrary. They started badly, they didn't have the interest of the masses at heart but selfish interest.
There is no gainsaying the fact that Ondo south senatorial district is the heartbeat of Ondo state and the most economic viable district of the state, the weather is clement and conducive throughout the year. The land is fertile and rich in mineral resources yet out of visionlessness of our people, we refuse to maximize our potentials. We have refused to plan well that is why we are not living well today, joblessness and starvation abound.

Some questions are still begging for answers..
Why is there no good road network in Ondo south despite the avalanche resources that accrued from the sales of crude oil for many years now?
Why did we not have stable power supply despite the homogeneous amount of money that has been sunk to it?
Why did the government closed down the only two industries that we have despite the huge amount of money they are generated from us?
Thousands of our youths graduate every year from Nigerian universities but there is no plans put in place for their absorption in the first instance. If there had been a well coordinated plans for them, the present high rate of crime would have been drastically reduced.

The truth of the matter is that our district swoons in despair and pain. Though there is no lean without pain and nobody make Omelette without breaking eggs but how long shall we continue to stagnate in darkness, when is the dawn approaching.
Don't mind the present self styled politicians who branded themselves as progressive! What progress have they made to the positive transformation of this great district.
Is it on spending masses Money for personal aggrandisement?, are they really paying masses their due?
Those who even pay regularly do so with their right hand and collect with the left.
For many years on, many of the roads both federal, State and local government are so bad and inaccessible yet we have sons and daughters in government.
Those who care to empower people do so at the detriment of their beneficiaries, they buy and distribute motorcycles (Okada) to them so as to indirectly send them to their early grave.
What value can this add to the socioeconomic development of the people. Why can't they learn the act of governance from the visionary leaders of the past.

Crime, Immorality and wanton killing, arson, rape, crude oil theft and such criminal activities are now the order of the day. Just recently, insurgency has taken over in such a terrible dimension. Many innocent lives have been wasted. The residents of the oil producing communities have mostly affected by oil spillage, displaced and bastardized.
Aggrieved youths of the oil communities were killed because of the involvement in breaking oil pipes due to lack of government care on them, Many roads has been destroyed and they all needs dualisation.
Ore in Odigbo local governmen have no tied roads...
What has been the impact of the government there?.

Hope is not lost however, what we have refused to gain many years back can still be doubly achieved in some years ahead if the will is there.
We need selfless leaders who are ready to print their names on gold and etch their foot prints on the sand of time. Put the right people in the right places, things will just have to move. The government should create enabling environment for commerce to strive and business to grow...

Im appealing to Ondo State government actively led by our own Arakunrin Odunayo Akeredolu to please save our district from this problems we are facing..


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