Sunday, November 17, 2019

November 17, 2019


Marenikae – VYBZ
Fast rising US based Nigerian singer, Marenikae is here with visuals to her single titled VYBZ.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

November 16, 2019

[Music] Atele - Ah Carry You For Ma Head

"Ah carry you for ma head" is a song that talks about Gods faithfullness over the years and a rededication of the singers commitment to God in all ways.

The song further strengthens the claim of "Atele" on how God can turn anyone from worse to best and beautify his life.

In his word, Atele calls this song a summary of his journey and a testimony of his presence.

This is not the typical Atele sound but this is sure gonna get you motivated.


Download Mp3

Thursday, November 7, 2019

November 07, 2019


I want to appreciate the organizers of this summit, especially the Executive members, for being very proactive and thoughtful, and for deeming it fit to educate the females in this higher institution to have the right mindset to occupy their positions in the society duly.

It is a thing of utmost joy, however, that I am privileged to be standing today before the influential people of the world. We are all fortunate as females in the higher institution to have been given the opportunity by our parents to have formal education since education is the bedrock of development. Women and girls represent half of the world’s population as well as half of its potentials. A woman is a unique creature of God capable of reproducing whatever is placed in her hands, including an entire nation. A woman is a refined product who is endowed richly with multi-tasking abilities as well as great power of influence.

There is a common saying that “educating a female child is the gateway to educating a nation.” This statement translates to the fact that a society that does not educate her females is on her way to extinction.

In the olden days, the societal belief was that the place of a woman, regardless of her education, is the KITCHEN and also that she has no voice and, therefore, cannot occupy any position in the society. Due to this fact, she was denied education and utterly relegated to the background. Thus, in the quest to ensure every woman is educated, the United Nations has shown tremendous support for gender equality to secure their fundamental human rights.

Interestingly, female education has hitherto been embraced in the Southern part of Nigeria, and the awareness has significantly increased that even the indigents in the society struggle to ensure quality education for all their children, including the females.

However, as much as formal education is vital for the development of the nation, it is not sufficient. Our society can only experience positive advancement if personal development, determination, and strong-will fuel formal education.

A woman of influence with her formal education must undergo personal development coupled with character building. By personal development, I mean, she needs to have a clear vision with personal goals and dreams, develop her self confidence, self-esteem, assertive skills, self-respect, etc. As women, just like any of God’s creatures, we have to discover who we are and why we exist. There is a common saying that “abuse is inevitable if the purpose of a thing is not known.”. It is essential to stress that every creature of God is unique and has significant contributions to make in the world. However, many die and live below life expectations and their God-given abilities because they refused to discover their uniqueness. This contributes to why the grave remains the wealthiest reservoir of untapped talents. So as women, a critical and irreplaceable strategy to achieve empowerment is Self-awareness and discovery. Upon this platform, a woman should occupy her rightful position in the family and the society at large. 

The importance of self-confidence and healthy esteem cannot be over-emphasized in the life of a woman. She needs to build her confidence and esteem and compose herself in the manner she will be respected by all. Her appearance also matters considerably because her dressing style will determine who gets attracted to her and will also define a great deal, how she is addressed. A woman must believe in herself and develop herself based on her aspirations and dreams in life. She must never compare herself with another because everyone was uniquely created and fashioned by God. She only needs to discover why and how she was fashioned and in addition explore all opportunities she has to shine forth in uncompromising and truthful ways.

She must be assertive; by this, I mean the ability to say “No” politely to behaviors or practices that violate her values and beliefs. Also, she should respect constituted authority, be a person of integrity as well as have an interactive and friendly character. A woman must be matured physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, intellectually and in all ramifications so as to be able to function maximally despite the enormous tasks and responsibilities as a (wife, mother, sister, sister-in-law, daughter, daughter-in-law, friend, worker, Christian or Muslim, while still equally pampering herself to look good always) 

Furthermore, it will be impossible to thoroughly describe the qualities and roles of a woman if I don’t refer to the book of Proverbs Chapter 31 that clearly defines an ideal woman and her purpose in the world. This chapter of the Bible articulated the multi-tasking, organizational, and leadership qualities of a woman.

A woman was described to be a priceless and indispensable personality. The world cannot exist without the invaluable characteristics of women. For more emphasis on this point and to further corroborate the roles and importance of women in the society, I will want us to consider certain cultural practices in some places like Ondo City that designate a day tagged “Odunmoko” where women are forbidden from all outdoor activities and confined to their homes. Men say that the city is usually deserted on this day because most men also decide to stay at home with their wives. 

Other organizational and leadership qualities of women highlighted in the book of Proverbs include trustworthiness, hard work, and industriousness, goal-getter, honorable, modest, wise, generous, and impactful. Just imagine how restful the world will be if all the women in the world have all the qualities described of a virtuous woman in the Bible. I, therefore 

strongly recommend that this chapter of the Bile should be a reference at all times for all women (both young and old) so that the world can be shaped to be a better place.

As women with God-given naturally endowed exceptional skills and qualities, we need not be contented only by changing our last names to our husband's names, or by just warming the beds of our husbands without making the necessary impact in the world. The naturally endowed skills and capabilities of women make them pivotal to all decisions made in their homes, workplaces, religious homes, in politics, and society at large. She is only required to activate the dormant skills consciously to take her place as a leader wherever she lives, works and plays. 

Even though, as women, we have different aspirations and various choices to make in life, we should always remember to strive to make a significant and meaningful impact as the opportunity presents itself to us. Our positions and powers should never be misused and abused because there will always be a reward for every one of our actions. Women should live exemplary lives with good legacies and use their positions to put smiles on people’s faces always and never to take advantage of those who are vulnerable or less powerful than us.

Every woman should build herself to be a leader worthy of emulation because leaders are made and not born. Living a life of positive impact is preceded by self-development since no one can give what he or she does not have. A woman should endeavor to be a leader, first to her children by motivating as well as showing examples of good virtues required for a successful life through her lifestyle, after that, to others in the workplace and the society. In my opinion, many young people are victims of social vices such as teenage pregnancy, drug and substance abuse, etc. today because they lack exemplary leaders as mothers who could influence them positively.

Age, position, profession, etc. do not connote leadership, but a leader is whoever is birthed by vision, driven by passion, and has the capabilities to influence a group of people towards the achievement of a goal. The requirement of leadership is a personal vision, which is the ability to visualize one’s goal as an accomplished fact. Also, a leader should have the persuasive skills as well as leadership styles and qualities that will motivate others to follow him or her. So being a leader is a choice, but as women, we must choose to be visionary leaders since our children and husbands depend significantly on our leadership abilities, and as women, the power to change the world lies within us.

I have been among circles of female friends who argue that women are not good leaders because they are usually too strict, temperamental, and transfer aggressions from unpleasant situations to their subordinates. But, I want to disagree with this statement because an emotionally unintelligent individual regardless of his/her sex, will always display signs of emotional immaturity. So, I need to stress at this point that as leaders, who a woman has been naturally equipped to be, there is a basic requirement for emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence refers to the ability of a person to manage his/her emotions and the emotions of others. It is mandatory as a leader to have high intelligence quotient because the power to motivate and mentor others lies in the strength of your emotional intelligence. To build your emotions, therefore, you need to know yourself by identifying your strengths and weaknesses, strive to improve on your weaknesses, be able to delay gratification by exercising self-control, show empathy towards others, and be willing to help others. Furthermore, you need to manage relationships, build your strength of working in a team, build your integrity and settle disagreements when involved in conflicts.

Academic intelligence may be necessary to scale certain hurdles in life and provide solutions to life’s problems, but it is never sufficient for greatness as a leader. However, emotional intelligence is mostly required for achievements in all facets of life. 

Finally, I will love to conclude, by saying that I feel very blessed to be a woman, though saddled with so many responsibilities but also endowed with unique skills and abilities to lead wherever I find myself. I know I have been able to charge up great leaders here in this summit today who also feel blessed to be women of purpose and ready to develop themselves to influence people where they live, work and play.

November 07, 2019

[Music] G Flow - Amin

G$B entertainment present G  Flow.

Emmanuel Oluwagbemiga Moses hail from Irele, Ondo State. A student of Ondo State College of Health Technology Akure.

The awaiting inspirational song title AMIN(AMEN) drop to inspire and motive the mind.

Produce by Bobby Y.

Download and enjoy

Download Mp3 
November 07, 2019

24 members of Nigerian human traffickers tried in France

Twenty-four suspected members of a s** trafficking ring accused of forcing Nigerian women into prostitution in France go on trial Wednesday, the latest case to highlight the growing use of Nigerian migrants as s** slaves in Europe.
Nigeria was the main country of origin of the migrants arriving across the Mediterranean to Italy in 2016 and 2017, though their numbers have since dropped.
Many of the arrivals were women and girls lured to Europe with false promises of jobs as hairdressers or seamstresses, only to find themselves selling sex on arrival to repay their debts.
Nigerians now outnumber Chinese or Eastern European s** workers on the streets of France and some other European countries.
Last year, 15 members of a Paris-based female-led pimping ring known as the "Authentic Sisters" were sentenced to up to 11 years in prison for forcing girls into sex slavery in France.
Many were themselves former trafficking victims-turned-perpetrators.
Similar gangs have also been dismantled in Italy and Britain.
The investigation in Lyon, where police estimate half the citys sex workers are Nigerian, began after authorities received a tip about a Nigerian pastor accused of exploiting several s** workers who lived in apartments he owned.
The pastor, Stanley Omoregie, has denied the charges, which include aggravated pimping and slavery.
But in the transcript of a conversation submitted to the court, he is heard saying he wanted "those with beautiful bodies, who can be controlled, not those that cause problems."
The prosecution has presented him as the kingpin of a family-based syndicate made up of 10 women and 14 men, including one of Europes most wanted women, Jessica Edosomwan, accused of recruiting destitute women in Nigeria for the s** trade in Lyon, Nimes and Montpellier.
Edosomwan, who is believed to be on the run in the Benelux countries, Italy or Germany, will be tried in absentia.
- From prostitution to pimping -
The UN has estimated that 80 percent of young Nigerian women arriving in Italy -- their first port of call in Europe -- are already in the clutches of prostitution networks, or quickly fall under their control.
The accused in Lyon cover the entire gamut of s** trafficking activities, from iron-fisted "madams" and violent pimps as well as drivers of the vans in which the women perform sexual acts, and those tasked with laundering the proceeds of the trafficking.
Prosecutors estimate that 17 alleged victims, aged 17 to 38, made up to 150,000 euros ($166,000) a month for the syndicate, selling s** for as little as 10 euros.
Most of the women come from Benin City, capital of Nigerias southern Edo State, a human trafficking hotbed with a long history of dispatching women and men to Europe to earn money to send back home.
Many told investigators they had taken part in "juju" or black magic rituals before leaving Nigeria, during which they promised to repay the money they owed for their passage to Europe.
Many of the woman took the perilous migrant trail across the Sahara Desert to Libya and then across the Mediterranean to Italy before winding up in Lyon.
Among the accused is a 28-year-old former prostitute who was herself released from sex slavery after paying off her debts and who in turn brought over another young woman from Nigeria.
Months of police wiretaps and surveillance led to the arrest of the suspects between September 2017 and January 2018.
They risk 10 years in jail if convicted.
November 07, 2019

Miss Delta and Mr Osun win Face Of Western Nigeria 2019

Rita Ayoola, representing Delta State , emerged Queen Western Nigeria 2019.
Iremota Samuel representing Osun state emerged the King Western Nigeria 2019 on Saturday.

The second edition of Face of western Nigeria took place at Jonic Events center, Ibadan.
18 contestants representing the western states of Nigeria competed at the event. A queen & A king were crowned.

Rita will compete with 36 girls at the Miss ideal Nigeria 2020 while Samuel will compete at the Mr University Africa .

Miss Ogun, Surrayah emerged 1st princess western Nigeria 2019 and Mr Lagos, Leke emerged 1st prince western Nigeria 2019.

Miss ondo, Abigal was crowned 2nd princess western Nigeria 2019 and Mr Edo, Olufemi crowned 2nd prince western Nigeria 2019 who will represent Nigeria as Mr Teen at Mr Africa International 2019 in December .

Other finalists include: FWN Miss Edo & FWN Mr Ibadan as Top Models of the night

FWN Miss Kwara & FWN  Mr Ondo as Ambassadors .

Miss photogenic & best creative cultural attire went to FWN Miss osun , going home as Babalonse youth foundation Ambassador (one of our is sponsors).

FWN Miss Ogun & FWN Mr Lagos won the social media challenge as FWN miss celebrity & FWN Mr earth.

FWN Miss Delta & FWN Mr Ibadan won style Queen & style king (for best dinner gown & suit).

FWN Miss Kwara & FWN Mr Lagos won FWN Mr & Miss congeniality.

FWN Miss Lagos as Miss charismatic. FWN Mr Edo as Picture perfect 

For more photos from the event visit
Instragam:  @faceofwesternnigeria
Facebook: Face Of Western Nigeria

Thursday, October 24, 2019

October 24, 2019


Saturday 19th October 2019 was a day so phenomenal. At the prestigious Pelican Hall, Pelican International Hotel, Chevy View Estate, Chevron Drive, Lekki, Lagos was the gathering of who is who for the GRAND FINALE of Nigeria’s topnotch Reality TV Show to support young aspiring entrepreneurs, The Young CEO Reality TV Show 2019.
October 24, 2019


The Sustainable development Goals round table training took place at Sunbeth Star Hotel Sijuade Akure, with the main objective of building  the  capacity of 50 men and women drawn from 9 Local Government Areas on sustainable development goals.

These 50 participants are expected to step down the training in their various communities while also engaging the Government and other sectors in the implementation of the SDGs.

The convener of the 3 days workshop and Executive Director of Melville Women Initiative, Chief Mrs Adetula Modupe in her speech appreciated everyone for coming to grace the workshop most especially Partners in the Niger-Delta  Foundation (PIND FOUNDATION) for financing the workshop.

Among those who attended the grand opening ceremony were:
Mrs.Tope Ojolo, the Personal Secretary to the Special Adviser on SDGs Ondo State
Major B.M Iyere representing Brigadier Gen. Z.L Abubarka, the Commandant 32 Artillery Division Brigade Ondo State.

Mrs Titi Adeyemi, the Deputy Director Child Protection department Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development.

Mr Segun Ojelade, Deputy Director of News and General Manager NTA Ondo Akure
High Chief Mrs Helen T.Olowofela former Director NTA Akure)
Barr Kehinde Ige the Permanent Secretary, Local Government Service Commission.

PIND Foundations Executive Director, represented by Ade Ogunmefun, in his speech re-emphasized the main objective of the workshop is to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Niger Delta. He also added that apart from the funds provided by the donor, human resources and deep-seated commitment are the key ingredients needed in achieving the goals and objective of the workshop. He also informed the audience of the distinct but interdependent programmatic focus namely, Economic Development, Peace Building, Capacity Building and Gender mainstreaming, and, Analysis and Advocacy. In his wrap up speech, he charged all the leaders and representatives of various organizations and constituencies, not to only absorb the skills and awareness but also have a commitment to action, when they return to their various arenas.

Good will messages were given by other stakeholders presented all of whom appreciated the convener of the training and the funding organization for deeming such a program fit for participants in Ondo State. They also pledged their unalloyed support and increased partnership in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

More Pictures Below:

Sunday, October 20, 2019

October 20, 2019

Music: Ibok Crey - Cinderella

Ibok Crey finally drops the hot Cool mid tempo sound titled “Cinderella”.
Ibok Crey is a talented singer who dazzles effortlessly on any type of music. He’s a talented singer and a creative writer.
More singles are expected to be released by the burgeoning talent soon. For now, Jam it.
Listen Download & Enjoy Below:-
October 20, 2019

Banji Alabi attributes Akeredolu's innovative leadership award to good governance

The conferment of the African Governor for Innovative Leadership Award on the Ondo State Governor, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu(SAN) has been described as well deserved.

This was the submission of the Governing Council Chairman of the Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, Barrister Banji Alabi in a reaction to the development.

Alabi said that the award is a tribute to hard work, good governance, prudent management of resources and aggressive pursuit of Ondo State Development plan : : You have delivered on every targets set for you by the good people of Ondo State , for which it is my pleasure to congratulate you. The entire members of the governing council, Management, Staff  and students of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic are so proud to be associated with your Success

Arakunrin Akeredolu has shown excellent candour and competence in the discharge of his duties as the State's helmsman which has continuously attracted applause from different sectors of society.

Alabi said the polytechnic's management remains committed to the Governor's charge to retool, reconstruct and reposition the Ondo State Polytechnic , Owo ( RUGIPO) and make it a leading research institute committed to improving the human condition through advanced science and technology to complement the vision of the Governor for the education sector.

The RUGIPO Chair who urged the people of Ondo State to support the Governor in his quest to make the state  an investor's delight called for a robust support for the Arakunrin Akeredolu's second term ambition.

Friday, October 18, 2019

October 18, 2019


Many people often wonder who are the wicked folks killing Nigerian people and why, I mean the real murderers?

Ilya Somin said "Most people probably assume that the biggest mass murderer in the history of the world is Adolf Hitler, architect of the Holocaust. Others might guess Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, who may indeed have managed to kill even more innocent people than Hitler did, many of them as part of a terror famine that likely took more lives than the Holocaust. But both Hitler and Stalin were outdone by Mao Zedong. From 1958 to 1962, his GREAT LEAP FORWARD POLICY led to the deaths of up to 45 million people – easily making it the biggest episode of mass murder ever recorded. Alas right?

The killers of Nigerian people  may not really be those you suspect in the real sense of it. Yes, Armed-robbers, terrists, assassins are murderers but are they the biggest murderers?

Ilya Simon identified how Mao Zedong's  ill government policy  resulted to death of about 45million people.

What do you think of a government with ill policies capable of causing a catastrophe of gargantuan of poverty, unemployment, starvation, industrial decadence, poor education, ill amenities among others?

Are the corrupt leaders that use public resources for their personal benefits not murderers?

There is no smoke without fire. The high mortality rate has its roots from many sources.

That bad roads that are causing many road accidents  have been awarded  for construction more than a thousand and one times.. Who is the real murderers?

The health care facilities lacked in those hospitals have been budgeted for and bought on paper while patients keep dying everyday for poor health care facilities.. Who are the real murderers?

If the guns use by robbers, kidnappers, assassins and the like are bought by politicians.. Then who are the real murderers?

If religious supremacy, ethnic and political bigotry that are leading to violence and claiming innocent lives are sponsored by leaders in the society.. Can you identify the real murderers?

When security is compromised, politicized and banditry become popular ..You should say who the real murderers are.

 Like Washington Post "Democracy dies in darkness". All things fall apart and when would the beautiful one be born?


Thursday, October 17, 2019

October 17, 2019


Today, as we release an open letter few weeks back about the issue of illegal spreadsheet in university of Ilorin. We got another information of the decision of the VC on the case.

The vice chancellor made his verdict known to the Student Union Executive Yesterday that all the affected students will not convocate come next week Wednesday. That, they will be delayed for a semester.

It should be noted that, a week before the affected students were invited for questioning, the VC was at the university radio. He said the following :
1. That all students will be invited by SDC.

2. That students that aren't found guilty will be allow to graduate.

3. That immediately after the SDC, their portal will be open. While the guilty ones(which are 10% of the affected students) will be given a light punishment.

The vice chancellor is not holding to his words. Since the SDC meeting held, which is almost a month, the university has failed to give the students the verdict of the entire process.

It should be noted that, not all affected students has idea about the issue. The vice chancellor told the students affairs unit not to process their names for NYSC while registration commence next week.

Also, upon the suggestion of the SDC committee that all the students should be allowed to graduate, the vice chancellor has refused stating that, awon omo buruku lawon omo yen (that they are bad children).

We hereby call the public to please make public call to the VC. He should let these students go for God sake.

Next week Wednesday is convocation. Help is needed.

This is the VC phone number +2348035792497. kindly help send text message or put a call through.

He should remember, he also has children.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

October 16, 2019

Invitation/Notification: Owo High School Old Students To Honour Oba Ogunoye and Mr. Aragbaye

This is to inform the general public most especially all Old Students of Owo High School,Owo that the Association will hold a grand reception in honour of the newly installed Olowo of Owo, His Imperial Majesty Oba Ajibade Gbadegesin OGUNOYE-III, a distinguished Alumnus of the school.

The Association will also use the occasion recognize another Alumnus, Mr Oluwadare ARAGBAYE who recently attained an esteemed position as Ondo State Head of Service.

Date: Friday 18 October, 2019

Venue: Owo High School, Owo

Time : 10 am prompt

We sincerely implore our invited guests to be seated by 9.30am. This announcement serves as notification and invitation to all Old Students of Owo High School, Owo.

Mr Ali Oladele
Chairman Planing Commitee

Mr Sam ADEWALE- Secretary

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

October 15, 2019

Has "weed" been legalized in Nigeria?

Caleb Ijioma

The intake of "weed" in Nigeria is now becoming rampant than ever. One can conclude that "weed" has been unofficially legalized in the country and everybody Not withstanding the gender, age can participate in this activity.

Cannabis, in which a large number of Nigerians know as "weed" is a mix of dried, shredded leaves and flowers from the marijuana plant. It is often green, brown, or gray. People have developed different ways to take in this leaves for pleasure. They either roll marijuana up and smoke it like a cigarette, mix it in food and eat it, amongst many other methods. This however cause dizziness, happiness, fear, change in the human senses and can even lead to hallucinations.

In a 2017 report filed by Telegraph.co.uk(  a national British daily broadsheet newspaper published in London by Telegraph Media Group) Nigeria was on the number 3 on the  chart of the 30 world biggest smoking countries.
In January, 2019, a survey led by Nigeria’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) and the Center for Research and Information on Substance Abuse with technical support from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and funding from the European Union, shows that Over the past year alone, nearly 15% of the adult population in Nigeria (around 14.3 million people) reported  a “considerable level” of use of psychoactive drug substances—it’s a rate much higher than the 2016 global average of 5.6% among adults. It also reports that the highest levels of drug used was recorded among people aged between 25 to 39, with cannabis being the most widely used drug.

The rate by which canabis is consumed is becoming very high. The Ministerial Committee on Drug Policy. (2007);National Drug Policy 2007–2012 has it that Nigeria is ranked world 8th highest consumer of cannabis. This plant is widely grown across the States of Nigeria, including Ondo State, Edo State, Delta State, Osun State, Oyo State and Ogun State.

Even though smoking of "weed" in Nigeria has been tagged illegal, this activity is still usually done in the broad day Light without fear of arrest. According to the National drug law enforcement agency, the possession of cannabis is illegal and is punishable by a minimum sentence of 12 years in prison. In serious trafficking cases, life imprisonment may be imposed.

Are we really checking this laws? Has these laws been abandoned? Do we have a country that forgets its laws as the years progresses? If not, why is the numbers of cannabis users increasing?
Youths, children are now taking the lead role in "weed" consumption.

 Cannabis smoking is a serious public health problem among adolescents in various environments.Its medico-social effects could ruin the life and future of our youths. The consumption of cannabis have ganied a stand in our environment because of easy access, the availability and peer pressure, this is reaching a dangerous dimension.

 This does not only have an adverse effect in the lives of our youths but the country at large.
Students of higher learning even engage in this act. It has now become a normal tradition to trade and consume "weed" in the school environment.  Pathetic I must say, ignorantly killing themselves for pleasure. This can have a long lasting effect in their life, not only their physical wellbeing but also  academic life.

I am not saying that cannabis have no good effect, infact, the exportation of cannabis can be a source of income to our country. A former presidential aspirant, Omoyele Sowore in the month of may proposed that cannabis should be extracted and exported,he was also of the opinion that it can aid the growth of hairs.

However, if cannabis has been made legal, it should be binded by strict laws. License should be given to only few people and punishment served to anybody who have no license to sell. But I ask again, has it been made lagal? Can we now consume cannabis freely?

Howbeit, the widespread of "weed" consumption can be traced to unemployment, the availability of the product, it's easy accessible nature, peer pressure,amongst many other reasons.

In conclusion, I suggest that the Government takes punitive measures in other to curb the widespread of cannabis consumption, enforce  laws and penalties, create more awareness on the effects of drugs and substance abuse.

The future of our great country is at stake because citizen's are participating in an act that could turn them to "mad people" overnight. Jokingly, we don't want to have the increase of mental affected citizens. In other to avoid this, the Government and all government agencies need to participate in the fight against cannabis consumption.

Caleb Ijioma is the managing director of Roundnews media, a freelance journalist and a youth advocate. He can best be reached at calebijioma@gmail.com.

Friday, October 11, 2019

October 11, 2019

Osun College of Health Technology Students Union Blows Hot Over Non Accreditation of Courses, Call For Protest



The students of the above named prestigious College of Health Technology having suffered for years without our demands not having the needed attention by the school management and the government has resolved to send our crises to the public before our destines are totally ruined.

It is so ridiculous and shameful to tell our parents and public that our over 40years institution only exist on paper by producing graduates without certificate as major courses are not yet accredited by recognized national bodies and products not being mobilized for the one year compulsory national youth service like all other Colleges of Health Technology which rendered our results useless and substandard to our colleagues.

We have exhausted all possible means to drive home our demands being the only college of health technology in the south west region facing this God forsaken challenges.

The entire students in our congress held on   Tuesday 8th October, 2019 hereby resolved that if the following demands are not met within 14 working days we shall not hesitate to do the unexpected.

Our demands are:
1. Accreditation of dental therapy department.
2. Accredidation and mobilization of Environmental health technology graduates for NYSC.
3. Mobilization of dental therapy graduates for NYSC
4. Accreditation of health technician two years program for validation of results.
5. Prompt payment of staff salaries.
6. Provision of Adequate facilities for the smooth running of all programmes.

These are the problems we are battling with and until they are addressed our going to school is of no use.

Aluta Continua, Victoria Ascerta...

Ogunsakin Oluwafemi Sunday
Students Union Government President.

Ademonehin Adewale
Gen Secretary.

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