Saturday, September 16, 2017


Everyone has a best friend. Maybe you’ve met them at work, school, or any other places. Grown up together. A best friend is always someone that can make you happy when you’re sad or make fun times even more fun.

In fact, you don’t even need to read me ramble on about what a best friend is, because I’m sure you know what I mean anyways.

My best friend in the world is a guy( Alabi Oluwatobi Jesutobi ) and he’s one of the most handsome guy  I know by far. I’ve only known him three years, but in those 3 years , we’ve become the closest mates ever.

I know some might be worried why I have just tarry not to write on his birthday on Friday, I only use that to surprise him and present an article centered all around him.

We first met on the campus of Osun State Polytechnic, Iree just as a fresher in one morning, I think it was a Monday. I was by myself, sitting down outside the class, stranded of no lectures when I saw him. He walked closer  and introduced himself. Within 5 minutes of meeting I knew we’d get along great.

He paid me a visit to my house after the school hours, we communicated for more than hours, we shared feelings and ideas together. Days after days, our friendship started growing faster.

I could remember those days in school whenever we are on strike, we will never go home, we prefer reading and starving in school than going home and enjor merriment. I can not forget a day when we had nothing to eat since two days, I went to the school farm to cut off some banana.. All those are now stories today.

To tell you the truth, I have no idea on how we get along so well, seems as Comrade Safety and Comrade Ebby are, so we are.

He’s one of those people who is content with the people he’s familiar with and that’ll do. Infact, he can easily make friend with anyone regardless of religion, culture, belief or race. Along the line, we did have another friend( Owolabi Israel ), he is also a bookworm who loves reading anything but rather prefer going home whenever there is strike.

We’ve been angry at each other on a few occasions. But mostly our disagreement centered on food and books. For example, I remembered the day I cooked and asked him to get me salt outside but he instited, I hate the food without giving him out of it just for his negligence of answering me.

Mostly during the day, he’s quite the night owl and tends to often want to do fun stuff when I’ve gotta get up early. It’s a bit annoying, but we find a happy medium whenever we get home from school. He is a type who give regard to my religion despite he is a christian. We do try to spend as much time hanging out and playing in between getting home and going to bed.

There is nothing he’d prefer to do than to be outside, watching arsenal match. He can spend his last money to watch arsenal match. All to be mentioned but a few.

Above all, after we did have finished our ND program in the school, we still do communicate with each other. He is indeed a friend like a father, teacher, mentor etc.

I pray to Almighty God, as he celebrated his birthday yesterday, may all his dreams be achieved, may he live long and prosperity. (Amen)

From Sodiq Lawal

Your Friend

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