Thursday, September 21, 2017

Interview: Shun Improper Dressing, Miss Iwo Land Urges Youths

Interview conducted by our reporter, Sodiq Lawal with the Miss Iwoland

Can we meet you?

Miss Iwo: Yes you can, i am m Akande Oluwabukola,  the current Miss iwoland.

Out of the ladies that contested for miss iwoland, how are you able to make a victory?

Miss Iwo:  It's  not by my doing but God's doing, it's his mercy I received by being crowned because  other contestants fits to wear the crown. I did a lot of  prayera and fasts  because of it, i worked very hard, putting all my efforts into it. There are class mates, contestant mates, age mates, but you can never find destiny mate and faith mate.

What are the special things that you do that others contestants were not able to do that make you achieved such glory?

Miss Iwo: Hmmm! I didn't really do special things except that I make more enquiries about how to pronounce yoruba language very well and how rich our culture is, also, i tried  all my possible best to build a very strong relationship with God. All these, I don't know if others did the same thing Sir.

Can you tell us more about your background?

Miss Iwo:  I was born on 29th of June, year 2000 into the family of Mr.& Mrs Akande. I started my school at the age of 2yrs old (2002) at Our Lady Of Fatima Academy and I left the school in 2004 to pre-campus nursery and primary school where I became the senior girl till I finished my primary school.  After that,  I went to Oke-Ifa to do my common entrance in 2010 and was admitted to Baptist High School Adeeke, Iwo, where I become Furniture prefect girl  in junior class, and labour prefect girl in senior school. I graduated from BHS in  2016 with one of the best grade of WAEC &NECO in my set.

As young as you are at the age of 17years, what can you say about dressing in youruba culture?

Miss Iwo: Our culture is so rich that even White men are studying yoruba  as a language. Well, dressing in yoruba is  part of our culture that is highly recognized in the sense that ; yoruba culture promotes moral dressing like the wearing of Oleku for females, Iro Ati buba, Esiki and Agbada for males unlike the improper dressing of nowadays that female pierce all their bodies with earrings and wear crazy jean, crazy top, and other skimpy dresses that promotes immoral dressing.

What advice do you have for the youths like you?

Miss Iwo: They should try as much as possible to be faithful , respectful, courageous, prayerful and believe in what you have, they should say no to improper dressing and be commitment and persistence in pursing their goals. They should stay cool and enjoy yoruba culture, our culture !

How can you support the mission of the Oluwo of Iwo in enhancing Yoruba culture?

Miss Iwo: I will keep supporting the king in enhancing yoruba culture by waging war against improper dressing. Also, we can also create yoruba clubs in secondary schools where they will know more about Yoruba culture (by reading yoruba novels and putting it into action) and lots more.

What are your plans as a miss Iwo?

Miss Iwo: I will be waging war against poverty and high level of illiteracy, Creation of yoruba clubs across the secondary schools. Watch out for my project in conjunction with our group ATF (ATANDA AND FRIENDS INITIATIVE).. Paying more attention to the kids.

How will you source for money, or are you being pay on salary?

Miss Iwo: No! but we will seek it from some colossus in our society like the Public figures.

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