Thursday, September 21, 2017


In injury to one is injury to all...
Freedom is God's given right...

It is so sardonically in nature seeing fellow Nigerians treated like animals in respect of their grievances and agitation in which can cause havoc and destabilisation to the economy of the nation.

With the heart of fear been caused by the Federal Government concerning the issue of IPOB in the country, freedom of expression have to be observed among the citizens been governed for peace to reign in the nation.

With some considerations in which Biafra needs as a Sovereignty State from the Federal Government  of Nigeria.
They are listed below:

1) The group must not be deprived from freedom and right to express their grievances.
Fighting for Biafra, because freedom is God given right, and the restoration of Biafra sovereignty, which Fredrick Lugard, the British mercenary soldier abused and defiled is there utmost priority. Which there fathers fought for in 1967 and 1970 that was surrendered with the slogan of no Victory no vanquish,”.
Agitation for Biafra restoration to end the unnecessary rampage and destruction farm-lands and crops in the region.

2) Fighting for Biafra to end the unprovoked killings of there people in every well intentioned religious crisis and bombings in far away Denmark of which the Biafrans are the targeted people in their place of worship, because of their religion and Faith.

3) Humiliation Biafrans from the hands of the Military personnel must be stopped in other for peace to reign.
“fighting for Biafra where everyone will have the right and freedom of expression and peaceful assembly without being killed by the Armed forces who cannot counter terrorism".

4)  To improve the Education and Judicial sector.
When there is Improvement at the Education and Judicial sector in BIAFRA area, the civilisation in terms of Technology wise and competing with other regions intellectually will be accurate and effective.

On this note, we the Concern youths of Southwest, shares from the pain in which our fellow youths suffered in the East, we are calling on the Federal Government to look keenly into the benefits and rights in which have been deprived by the Government to the BIAFRAN Indigene...

Lastly, l want to appreciate the Federal Government on the Intervention over bringing peace to the Nation.

Thanks and God bless.

Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win.

Signed by:
Comr. Orisamoluwa Adekunle
Concerned SouthWest Youth Movement  (CSYM)

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