Thursday, August 31, 2017


By Sodiq Lawal


It was one of those cold, dark nights; not a rainy one though – don’t let your imagination fool you. It was black, dank and silent. Quiet enough for me to ponder. I was lost in thought. I couldn’t even tell if my footsteps made a sound I couldn’t hear. All my senses were blocked out. But I somehow knew where I was.

I remember the cold, soft earth beneath my feet that I couldn’t feel. I remember the massive iron gate that I couldn’t see. I trembled in horror as I hacked at the chains and the lock with my shovel – my bloody shovel. I didn’t ask then but now I wonder – why did the grounds man not come out? There must have been a hell lot of noise. _Oh yes, I remember now – the blood on the shovel_.

I walked through the gates. Finally, my eyes could see a little. Houses of rock and earth. They were everywhere –the houses. Little tiny houses with epistles engraved in stone, standing in bitter cold and endless night. There were a lot of tombstones to gaze at but I was a man with a mission. I had to find her.

Ella, my love. The woman who gave all my days meaning and all my nights bliss. I died inside when she left me for her endless sleep. We had so much joy before life had come to all that. I remember when we both worked in the town school – two teachers in love. We were supposed to have a child together. All my dreams could have come true had she not gone and lay with another.

My whole life, people had been telling how little of a man I was. And then Ella went ahead and chose a woman over me. I’m disgusted just thinking about it. I wouldn't have had to stab her in the heart.

Her grave was beautiful – not to be compared with her grace. I dug away. I started to feel again when I struck the coffin. I paused in anxiety with breaths so deep. I opened it.

Even in death she was still beautiful. A pale, glorious beauty. It had been like ages since I had last seen her. I couldn’t hold myself back. My body had been itching for months to be with hers. I rolled up her flaying gown. _Bliss_. Being inside her had never been as wonderful.

You may think I’m crazy but we both loved her. That’s why I brought her back here – my lonely basement – and captured you and tied you to the chair. I’m sure while two of you rolled around in bed you must have promised a lot that you’d give her your heart. Well, here’s your chance. I’ll just cut out yours and put it where hers is. Maybe then she’ll finally wake up.

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