Thursday, August 31, 2017


By Sodiq Lawal


Nigerian Feminists. confused children playing in a nursery, seeking food and attention from the "other gender".

Nigerian feminism is simply a glorified bigotry and hatred stenched long ago in the hearts of some women.

You have a bad experience earlier  in life, you just have to join the trend to condemn everything good all in the name of upholding feminism.

People always ask me what my nailing feminism on the coffin has fetched me that it would only breed hatred from the ladies. But reverse is the Case. The more I criticize feminism the more connection i have with feminist figures who are very ranked  on social and political level (though requesting me to turn down my pen and support the moving train)don't forget a writer is a cardinal part of the society. 

Nigerian feminists are copiously blind to syncretize the notion of feminism to the way of mendacity when things go wrong or unfavourable.

I was recently invited to a party in Abeokuta by the former miss tourism where most ladies were half naked. I had chat with a pretty wealthy lady beside me, I guessed the way she blew her trumpet made me no doubt about her being a radical feminist. she drew a straight line of divergence of feminism in west and Africa.

But in my response ,I made her understand that it would be a sincere desire to see feminism being practiced in Africa like it is in the west.

I was semi conscious the moment this pretty under twenty was breaking than domestic violence advocated by men.But uncurious was she to understand conflict as a natural phenomenon. What added salt to the wound was when two men came, fearful in appearance and looking so haggard and quarrysome.

I asked her, if they were her brothers but made me to understand they follow her for protection fom external aggression. I replied, why didn't you choose women either,because what a man can do, women can't only do but can do better. And for more perfect protection opt for ladies who have degree in Engineering or biochemistry.   She laughed with serious funny look. She looked away proceeding so low in speech.

Without being judgemental, I came out clear profoundly with no intention of supporting men dominance over women  or for patriarchy. I relayed my thought in a very polite and warmly that she collected my number and ever since giving me call steadily .

Have asked a lot of unfearful questions in bulk which all Nigerian matrimonial Judases called feminist fail to answer.

No one seems to have answered me , how is the feminism practised in the west different from Nigeria? i have not seen any difference from different articles i read and documentaries i watch. So i ask again ,what are the differences, because the west also complain of the damage it is doing and it has done.

The whole idea of feminism is a crap. It has no definite principle both in Africa and the West.

A critical study of hard-line feminists will reveal to you that their major agenda is female supremacy and subjugation .

®Sodiq Lawal

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