Sunday, September 18, 2016


Of the greatest Nigerian Students, combatant greetings from the jurisdiction of the President, National Association of Nigerian Students, Comr. Aruna Kadiri.

Great Nigerian Students, our noble association, NANS is up for sale again. This time around, we have been offered a sum of money to partake in the planned Mega Rally in solidarity with the leadership of the House of Representatives on the ongoing budget padding saga. I want to state without mincing words that the right of every Nigerian student is a priceless Jewel. The newly elected NANS executives will ensure that it does not engage in partisan or active politics, but however extol students' issues as paramount in its AGENDA.

Regrettably, these enemies of ours through some of our key stakeholders offered us N20,000,000 (Twenty Million naira) so as to throw our weight behind the embattled Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Yakubu Dogara over allegations of budget padding levelled against him by Hon. Abdulmumuni Jibrin, the former Chairman of the Appropriation Committee of the 8th House of Representatives.

It is so surprising that some stakeholders who have shown to be of unquestionable characters in the eyes of Nigerian Students could derailed cheaply and succumbed to the whims of Abuja politicians, our collective enemies. These so called stakeholders when I turned down their monetary offer in Abuja made all sort of threats, which I consider empty against our democratically elected leadership. However, I want to warned that if this persist, I will be left with no other choice but to expose those involved so students would know the real enemies within and outside NANS.

It would be recall during my Redemption campaign across our campuses, I vowed to deploy every available instrument to ensure a good image for our esteemed association. I also vowed to guide our Association from the negative influence of Politicians. I hereby want to use this privilege to reassure Nigerian students that the need to guide our association from “Image Laundering” is paramount in my administration’s agenda.

While it is unethical and unproductive for any public officer to effect inconspicuous changes into our budget for his/her personal gains, it is also unethical for NANS to be partisan. However, let it be known that NANS will continue to collaborate with government and individuals in achieving some of her objectives as long as such cooperation/ventures do not affect our corporate image or negatively influence our decision making.

NANS is not for sale at any price. I call on all well meaning Nigerian students to disassociate themselves from any act that would sabotage our resolved efforts in repositioning the association. To ruminate on the level of devastation caused our Association by corrupt and ruthless politicians is to state the obvious. Therefore, all hands must be on deck to ensure that we return NANS to the past where our views on national issues were respected and accepted with every modicum of seriousness.

Regarding the Edo and Ondo Gubernatorial election respectively, I have made my position known. NANS is Non-partisan, and I stand by it. Nigerian students must not allow themselves to be used for any partisan motives as the new NANS leadership is totally against it

Lastly, I want to thank Nigerian students, MY ONLY MASTER for their support to this new team of NANS and I believe that with their unending support we will attain higher heights. I am bent on giving Nigerian students a purposeful leadership as enshrined in my campaign manifesto. The right of every Nigerian Student remains sacrosanct as it's not subject to negotiations.


Akolo Raymond Eggon.
SSA on Media and Publicity to NANS President, Comr. Aruna Kadiri

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