Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Things I'm Tired Of Hearing Nigerian Football Fans Say -DonUjay


  1. Nigerians are very Passionate about Football:

Are we really that Passionate about football? If

your answer is yes then why do we find it so hard

to get supposed passionate fans into stadiums

whenever the Super Eagles or any of our National

teams Play? Why are our so-called Passionate fans

not willing to buy tickets (Part with money) to

watch their National teams Play? You'ld only find

sizeable crowds at the stadium when the gates are

thrown open.

Even more disturbing is the fact that these fans go

to stadiums to support the national teams without

wearing the National team colours, thus, resulting

in a sea of Rainbow colours at the stands which

make for distasteful viewing for Television

audiences and also make the away team feel less


  1. Our Super Eagles are no more Super

We keep referring to auld Lang syne when our

national team was a force to reckon with in world

football. This begs the question: were our Super

eagles ever Super? The only successes we've

achieved in football were at the age grade level

and continental level (for both male and female

teams). Let's be factual, even the so-called USA '94

squad which is touted to be our best ever team was

not much of a success on the global stage. We Lost

to the two Big teams we came up against at the

1994 World Cup (Argentina and Italy); Senegal

secured a World cup berth for the first time at

Korea/Japan World cup (2000) and ended up

beating 2 Big teams (Former world cup winners) in

France and Uruguay but eventually crashed out at

the Quarter finals (Emphasis on Quarter finals).

  1. Talented Footballers abound in Nigeria:

Maybe in the past this would have been correct but

as it stands right now I don't even think the talents

abound anymore. I think we saw the Last of our

truly talented footballers when Austin 'Jay-Jay'

Okocha and Nwankwo 'Papilo' Kanu retired.

If you have a divergent view on this matter then I

think you should ask yourself the following

questions: How many of our Super Eagles Players

can break into the first team of any of Barcelona,

Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munich, P.S.G

or Mancity

How many of our Nigerian Players Play first team

football in a Bug club in any of the top five Leagues

in Europe?

When Last did a Nigerian Footballerr win the

African Footballer of the year award?

  1. We Have The Best Supporters Club in the World:

Have you noticed how dull football Matches may

seem when the Nigerian Supporters club are in the

stands Beating their drums and blowing those

trumpets in a bid to Lend the needed support to

the National team, Now compare this to what you

get in football matches involving European teams,

South/North American teams and even Asian

teams...Like seven-up the difference Is clear right?

Can't forget the South-Korean fans at the Korea/

Japan World cup (2000), those fans brought a whole

new dimension to football supportership

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