Friday, September 17, 2021

NAOSS ELECTION: I'm Ready to Contribute, Maintain, Develop and Rejuvenate the Interest of NAOSSITES, Mary Ogunga (Official Declaration)


There comes a moment in the life of a society when every patriot must stand up to be counted! At such a moment, no person worthy of a place in history can afford to remain settled in their comfort zone. These times are marked by rapid tumbling of our core values. These are times in our society when a decision has become imperative for us to make for the betterment of our dear ASSOCIATION. For our dear, NAOSS, the moment is now!

Dear Naossites, esteemed members of our dear association, National Association of Ondo State I come bearing greetings to each and sundry. I am Mary Ogunga, a student of the prestigious Faculty of Law, Adekunle Ajasin University, a humble member of the National Association of Ondo State Students’. I come to you in all calmness and humility of heart as I take the bold steps to openly and officially, without doubt or skepticism DECLARE my intention to vie for the office of the PRESIDENT, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ONDO STATE STUDENTS’

This decision is based on an undoubtable desire to not only CONTRIBUTE, but MAINTAIN, DEVELOPE and REJUVENATE the interest, collectively, of all NAOSSITES.

As a then student of the Department of English and Literature, University of Benin and similarly as an undergraduate law student in the Faculty of Law, Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba, I have been afforded the opportunity to gain considerable and valuable all round experience in certain positions and situations. Such positions include;

Being elected as the General Secretary, National Association of Ilaje Students, University of Benin/University of Benin Teaching Hospital Chapter, 2018 where I effectively carried out my duties as required of me.

After serving at the Local Chapter, I equally took a leap to the National Body in a bid to further contribute my quota and was elected as the Vice President, National Association of Ilaje Students 2018/19 where my records as the Vice President are still speaking for themselves.

Being named as MISS NAIS UNIBEN 2017/18 as part of my quest for in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Social structure in the noble society.

Being elected Director of Socials, Department of English and Literature, University of Benin, 2017/2018.

In a bid to further develop and contribute, I was elected as the Financial Secretary of our dear Association, 2019/2021 where I effortlessly serve the Association.

Similarly, in my resolve to ensure DISCOVERY, NURTURING AND INNOVATE, I took bold steps to join the Female Law Forum, AAUA where I am presently serving as the Treasurer and Council of Youth Female Leadership where I served as the Treasurer of the Council. 

As part of my plans for vying for this Office, it is expedient that i must mention that Academics of our student shall be of outmost importance to us. It is important to state that the Political objective for the Association is EDUCATION FOR LIBERATION Our plans cut across a well-defined system to ensure smooth running and effective participation in competitions, Career Advancement programs and seminars amongst others.

It is said that welfarism of the members of any Association is its main purpose for existence, and this is rightly provided for Section 8(1)(b) of the NAOSS Constitution. We shall continue to ensure the betterment and welfarism of all NAOSSITES via the prompt payment of bursaries when due amongst others

While we recognize that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, we have carefully mapped a social activity plan for NAOSS which is not limited to the NAOSS

We are equally working on provision of a better sporting facility system and igniting the spirit of sportsmanship amongst our students. As a lover of sport and one who was an active member of the Chess Club University of Benin, I am not oblivious of the great role sport plays in every Association 

Ensuring a smooth and cordial relationship with the Government of Ondo State to provide a ground for better understanding between our students.

These, among others have buoyed and fortified my sense and desire for service to ORGANISE, DISCOVER and LEAD by example, which have in turn acted as a catalyst for my ambition to run for the post of President of our dear Association.

I must with all sense of commitment and purpose, state that if I am elected as the President of NAOSS, I will to the best of my ability;

-Lead without segregation, partiality, favoritism.

-Protect the interest of every NAOSSITES both home and in diaspora as one equal society without fear or favour.

-Aggregate and articulate the needs of every NAOSSITES by providing a listening ear.

-To ensure transparency and accountability at all times.

-To take adequate steps towards REJUVENATING through carefully thought plans and programs for the ASSOCIATION.

-Bridge the gap between local chapter and the National Body.

While our manifesto detailing our plan of action will be made public soon, permit me to emphasize that we are running not because of personal and self-aggrandizement rather we are running because we want to REJUVENATE NAOSS collectively.

Conclusively, having experienced first-hand the challenges and numerous huddles being faced as a member of this noble society. I put myself forward as one who is ready to rejuvenate our dear ASSOCIATION.

Apropos of the above, I MARY OGUNGA hereby in all sense of humility seek for your collective support, and request that we embark on this historical journey together towards the NAOSS OF OUR DREAMS!

God bless the National Association of Ondo State Students!

God bless the Sunshine State!

God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

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