Thursday, August 26, 2021


Until the Control of the issue of Credit is restored  back to a Government Administration and recognized as its most Conspicuous and sacred Responsibility, all talks of the Sovereignty of Parliament and of Democracy is idle and Futile. We can't shy from the fact that State Government have an Absolute Sovereignty and when the Government failed to Comply with his Fundamental Duties in ensuring that Life and Properties of its Citizens is highly Saved. It will be regard as a Failed Government.

Ondo State Government have just proven to the entire Country that, they don't have any Feelings for the Lives of it's Citizens either at the State Level or outside. Recently a gruesome Killing occurred in Rukuba Jos North, Plateau State where some innocent souls mainly Numbered to 25 Religious Worshipper mainly Youths were Masarcre and very Gory. The ambushed which occured while the victims were coming from Bauchi where they join Other Muslims Religious Worshippers in Celebration of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Birthday. Our source gathered that those Victims involved are Ondo State in Indigenes. In which many reactions engulfed from all nooks and crannies and this same killing eventually leads to a Curfew in the State in order to restore Peace and Order in the State. 

On same Scenario, have eventually make some Higher Institutions to halt  ongoing Examinations in their various Campuses in the State. 

Since Last week some States have been sending Government Officials down to Plateau State to evacuate all their  Indigenes back to their various States. Ondo State which was affected weren't moved with an inched, despite the Tension in the whole Country. No single Press Release was Published in any National Daily Newspaper talkless of Holding Brief Conference to kick against the Gruesome Killing. What a Shame to the Government.

Before putting this article up, our Source here in Jos have Gotten in Touch with some of the Principals Officers in Ondo State to demand why their Indigenes who are schooling in Plateau State have been neglected while other States have done Fast Response. Here are the Principal Officers who our Source get in touch with.


The Chief Press Secretary to Ondo State Government

Commissioner of Information Ondo State

Senior Special Assistant on Youths and Students Matters to The State Governor.

We all understood, that the Governor can never be in everywhere, that is the main reason whereby Government Functionaries have been appointed and represent Mr. Governor in different Areas depending on the Designation been given onto.

But, on this kind of Case, the Senior Special Assistant on Youths and Students Matters to Mr. Governor is been referred to. All possiblity of Evacuating those Students were not even concerned at all. I put a call through one of the Student Leader yesterday to know the state of condition and he confidently told me that all the students were Evacuated but the SSA on Youths and Students Matters Hon. Ogunyemi Muyiwa  Ojo Eyiyato was in Absential and he have stayed back in Ondo State. God a whole so called SSA on Youths and Students Matters was not present in the Evacuation Process and also the Students were even evacuated with Ogun State Indigenes with their Buses which means no provision was made for the Students from the State. This is so Embarrassing, Dissatisfactory and Disappointing from a whole State which was the main affected State and at that period abandoned it's Indigenes. A Oil Producing State for that Matter.

I Live and Based in Jos and my Place is not far from the reported scene. I know how Forebode and Dreading the State is. 

This is a total Shame and Disappointed to the Entire State for them not to able to send Government Functionaries to Evacuate those Students. This really show how Callous and Wicked the State Government is Most especially the SSA on Youths and Students. We all see other State Government like Kogi, Ogun, Oyo and Ekiti how they respond in Quick action towards the Evacuation of their Own Students through their Own SSAs on Youths and Students.

May Almighty God Forgive you all.

I Challenge Ondo State Government to Prove to me that this Article is False by Uploading this same version of Evacuation by Ondo State Delegates in Plateau State.

Sanity is next close to Serenity. 

Ondo State Government haven't done well and l guess that the Ondo Youths and Students demand an Unapologetic Press Release or possibly Brief Conference most especially from the Office of the Senior Special Assistant on Youths and Students Matters to Ondo State, Hon. Ogunyemi Muyiwa Ojo Eyiyato.

God Bless Ondo State!

God Bless Southwest!!

God Bless Nigeria!!!


Hon. Ogundeyi Adeoluwa Peters 


Publicity Secretary/PRO

PDP National Youth Movement


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