Thursday, July 1, 2021

What Is In A Country? Leo Erastus Temidayo Ogunmolu


In the good old days, in the land that was truly flowing with milk and honey, whenever a man had left its shores, after long period of time, and was on his way back to the land, he was always feeling at the top of his world, heaving a sigh of relief that at last, he would be in his native home on the waiting and soothing arms of his brethren, placing his head on the other shoulder, and emptying their tears of joy on the stretched shoulder in true love.

The age-long saying that home is the best is no longer doing its soothing job or bringing the much needed respite in Nigeria.

 The song: Home my home, when shall I see my home, when shall I see my native land, I will never forget my home" is no longer fascinating. 

What can truly be fascinating in a country where laws are made for some people to obey while some people are made for laws to obey them? 

What can be appealing in a country where lawmakers are law breakers; where those who make the laws against Covid-19 break the laws against Covid-19? 

What indeed can be soothing in a country where lopsidedness, nepotism, impunity reign supreme? 

What exactly can make one's head swell in a country where INEC, Security Personnel, Judiciary usurp the function of the electorate to foist leaders on them thereby shattering their hope of ever getting the opportunity to elect leaders of their choice? 

What can make one proud of a country where the strong is made to become the weak and the weak is made to become the strong? 

What is it in a country where meritocracy has been sacrificed on the cheap altar of mediocrity thus making a professor to serve a school certificate drop out? 

I say what, what, dear compatriots, what is in a country where banditry tries to outshine Boko Haram as when Dangote is trying to outshine Bill Gate? 

What is in a country where the number of deaths witnessed in one administration is a performance index used in comparing the number of deaths witnessed in another administration as when comparing the level of infrastructural developments? 

What is in a country where Boko Haram insurgents who are fighting against education are catered for and elevated above those who desire to acquire education?

What, my people, is in a country where its leaders search for any slightest opportunity to oppress her already impoverished and famished citizens, whereas other leaders somewhere else strive to make life abundant for her own?

What can be heart-warming in a country where billions of dollars donated by both indigenous and international donors were purportedly spent for the poor, and yet no one poor in any part of the society has come out to appreciate the "kind" gesture of such giver-govt?

What is attractive in a country where its leaders smile to banks after diverting public fund allocated or donated by public-spirited persons, to raise citizens out of scorching poverty and economic dunghill while the citizens themselves bleed to death on minute by minute basis? 


What is enthusing in a country where her foreign ambassador beckons to the people scattered around the strange land "Come home, come home" and the people respond, "Are there no more graves in the foreign land that we may come to perish in Nigeria wilderness?"

What can be motivating in a country where her people are locked up in a solitary confinement to starve to death and whereas, in other clime, their people are locked down with not less than $1200/person with constant supply of food items against Covid-19?

What can be exciting in a country where there is no value for money, where efforts are not duly appreciated and compensated. Where failure is rated above merit?

Brothers, sisters, I ask again, what is in a country that kills the destiny of her promising youths who excel after finding their way out of a contraption called Nigeria?

 Writer, Student Unionist, Political analyst, Advocator of good governance

Leo Ogunmolu Temidayo Erastus (Excellency IKA)




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