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 DYLYVER Technology Nigeria Limited, on February 1, 2021, launched the first ever ‘Ride and Earn’ E-hailing service in Nigeria through its peer to peer on demand technology platform built to support its operations in the e-hailing and delivery space by utilising the benefits of contemporary cutting-edge innovations in mobile and blockchain technologies and Augmented Reality (AR).

Rolling out the first tier of operations in Abuja, Ibadan and Lagos, three urban cities of Nigeria, Dylyver Nigeria is driven by the mission to alter the concept of conventional transportation and logistics service, as previously experienced by millions of Nigerians, for a simplified e-hailing and parcel delivery service which is consumer satisfaction focused, more accessible, interactive, convenient and most especially, profitable for everyone.  
Speaking further on the vision that birthed the ‘Ride and Earn’ incentive, the Chief Executive Officer, Dylyver Technology Nigeria Limited, Mr. Femi Niyi stated: “We got into the minds of the driver’s and rider’s as consumers and it dawned on us that there wasn’t much going back to them after each trip. So, we came up with the ‘Ride and Earn’ referral system to level the playing field for both our riders and drivers.  
“With our referral programme,a driver earns continuous commissions from every single ride that is completed by his referred drivers using his referral ID Code. In just three levels, a driver earns the following commissions: 2.5% commission from every ride completed by personally invited drivers, 1.5% commission from every ride completed by drivers on the second level and 1.0% commission from every ride completed by drivers on the third level”.

Mr. Niyi explained that the same process is applicable with riders through the “Leadership Programme”, an eight-level incentive programme developed exclusively to put a smile on riders’ faces. The Leadership Programme allows riders to earn commissions on every ride taken by persons they have referred using the referees’ personal link. The more persons referred and more rides undertaken, the more earnings go into the riders’ or users’ in-App wallet that is subsequently transferred to your personal bank account on request.

Earnings from both the Referral and Leadership programmes are not limited to Nigeria as commissions are equally earned from rides taken or completed on the Dylyver platform anywhere in the World. As further explained by Mr. Niyi, if a rider invites another rider who travels and uses Dylyver in Ghana, Australia, Belgium or any other country where the Dylyver service is available, the commissions on such rides are equally earned by the referee in Nigeria! The same thing applies to drivers invited in other countries.
“For a business launching in a Nigerian economy dealing with the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are concerned about how this pandemic is affecting the livelihoods and earning power of everybody. Thus, beyondgrowing the Dylyver user and driver base, at the core of our operation is a financially empowering, win-win e-hailing platform that gives all participants an opportunity to generate passive earnings whilst using this service. A great incentive we’re offering first timers is a 50% discount on your first trip using the Dylyver App and the good news is that we already have interested users and drivers signing up and enjoying the benefits of our referral scheme”.

Dylyver, is a multi service platform that aims to disrupt the ride sharing and logistics market by applying the benefits of modern mobile technology and AR technology. Dylyver distinguishes itself in the market through a unique business model, ecosystem of partners and our goal to help everyone on our platform to succeed and get continuous long-term benefits.

The Dylyver e-hailing service is a solution developed by Dylyver Technologies Limited a New Zealand & UK registered company, with headquarters in Hungary. The Dylyver franchise is currently operated in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Moldova, Nigeria, Peru, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

For media enquiries or partnership contact: 

Faith or Akinola
Email:  hello@dylyver.ng
Telephone: +234 809 720 8419
                  : +234 809 720 8420

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