Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Speech Delivered by National President Of Oodua Youth Coalition during the annuals Public Lecture held on 16th of Nov 2020. Virtual edition


It gives me great joy and pleasure to speak to this gathering of patriotic, visionary and progressive-minded youths of Yoruba extraction. Even when the novel coronavirus tried to build bridges between us and take our inalienable right of association, we leverage on the available  technological evolvement to gather for progressive cross-pollination of ideas like this. May I humbly welcome us all to this year edition of the Oodua Youths Coalition annual public lecture.

The Oodua Youth Coalition is a conglomerateon of youths across the Southwest, birth in the year 2017, the organisation's mandate was premised around harnessing the youthfulness, innovative and patriotic tendencies of Youths around the six southwestern states for the development of the region and the country at large in the area of governance, agriculture, education, business, advocacy and sustainability of peace.

The organisation have since been fulfilling it mandate by working closely with community heads, government institutions, NGOs in ensuring people especially in the remote areas are sensitize and educated on the roles they're to expected to play in the process of making our country, Nigeria and the Yoruba Nation a great place for all to peacefully coexist. In lieu of the public outcry, our involvement in the agitation for the reforming of the anti-robbery unit of the Nigerian Police Force saw our members made the judicial panel of inquiry across the southwest, this and many other interventions define our existence as a group.

The theme for this year's public lecture was informed by the situation at hand globally and the need to find a solution within our cultural norms. It's a proven believe that Yoruba's leverage the potency of roots and herbs for meditation for several years. It was what our founding fathers lived on, even when the new generation prefer to look in the ways of medicine and science that seems to be taking too long than expected in the provision of vaccine for the ravaging novel coronavirus. It won't be out of place for us as a people with the history of harnessing the efficacy of herbs and roots for medication to look in the way for care to the novel virus.

Secondly, it's not doubt that the outbreak of the virus have seen the global economy crumbled, it effect on education, sport, international trade and micro and macro economies of country is deepened and serious and very proactive steps must be taken to revive the world back to her fit in earnest. The task of reviving the global economy is one that requires all hands to be on deck and it won't be out of place for us as a people–Yoruba to look for means to contribute to the revival within our local economy setup. 

This and many more are reasons why the leadership of the Oodua Youth Coalition cautiously choose our highly revered, experienced, savvy and discipline speakers to do justice to the topic "Levergaing the rich yoruba culture" in a time like this.

It will no doubt worth your time.

Thanks for been part of this year's auspicious event.

God Bless You..

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