Tuesday, October 27, 2020


Indeed, elevated expectations leads to disappointment. As a conscious and well-meaning citizens of this country, clamoring for a timely response from the President in the heat of the recent happenings is the right thing to do. For almost a week, we have waited patiently—observing, and bracing ourselves for yet another comic relief (speech) from the President.

As usual, the President in his avalanche of WISDOM did not disappoint. Both the Independence day speech and the 'twelve minute' POWERFUL speech delivered yesterday did well in validating all the expectations initially held by the larger population about his propensity to 'fuck up' and 'misyarn' in times like this.

Apparently, that was not a speech. He was busy reminding Nigerians of how this administration is performing better than the previous ones through their promises of "lifting 100 million Nigerians out of poverty in 10 years" against the backdrop of the continued devaluation of Naira, exponential increase in price of commodities like Rice, and Petroleum, to mention but few. 

Whereas, under this same administration, Nigeria earned the moniker "poverty capital of the world" and moved from the third fastest growing economy in the world in 2014/15, to 'no where to be found' in the top three in Africa in 2020.

To make it clear, the speech, just like the Independence day speech, was a boo-boo and jambalayas of goofs and gaffes!

In a time when the security of the country is under tremendous threat; the life of a common man is in total mess; stray bullets protrudes from the dark killing with reckless abandon; the already bastardized reputation of the country is being dragged in the mud of shame; while the international community watches as the tragedy continues to unfold with unabated velocity.

In a speech which could be aptly dubbed as a Diplomatic Threat, the pressing issue (Lekki Massacre) which has generated more attention, tweets, sympathy and stir both locally and internationally was chronically left unattended. It was not a surprise though. The lives lost were humans' not cows'.

In this perilous time, being a Nigerian is one of the most unfortunate thing to happen to any human. Asides from living in a milieu battered with extreme poverty, the leaders are cold-blooded rogues who would rather add another Ferrari to their fleet of exotic cars than feed the dying homeless man in their neighborhoods. 

What more could be more unfortunate?

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