Friday, September 11, 2020

NNL: All Clubs will register With CAC before Resumption , CEO Reveals


The Chief Executive Officer, (CEO) of the most important league in Nigeria, the Nigeria National League, (NNL) Sajo Dandija Mohammed has stated that all clubs must register with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) so that they can be recognized by NNL as the body prepares for the resumption of the new season.

It was earlier reported that NNL was on break since last year December before the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) announced that all football activities should be suspended due to COVID 19.

Earlier, the Presidential Task Force (PTF) monitoring COVID 19 in the Country has lifted the ban on sporting activities.

Sajo Dandija Mohammed on a live interview with Channels TV on Sports this morning earlier on Thursday morning added that the league body wants to do things as they do in other parts of the world.

“Registration of our Clubs with the CAC is key. The states should harmonize their Clubs so that we can have Clubs that can produce results and excel. We want Clubs with solid foundations in NNL. This time around, we will know the number of Clubs that will play the NNL and once we get them, we will publish it to show that they are recognized by the NNL.

“Invariably if a Club didn’t register with the Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC, and present their certificates to us, we will also go to the CAC to verify that they are duly registered. It’s not going to be business as usual. We want to do things the right way. This is what is happening all over the world. In England, you won’t see a Club that is not legally registered being accommodated in the league like that. We want to adopt this policy to see Clubs and states that are serious to make things easier for us” he said.

He said further that the most important league in the country might kick off in October the moment they get the green light from NFF.

“The Nigerian government has given the go-ahead for the league to start but with strict adherence to COVID-19 protocols. We are waiting for the governing body, the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF to give us go-ahead to start. The kick-off might be in October. That’s why we are trying all that we can to have all these Clubs registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission CAC.

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