Saturday, September 12, 2020

Mechanic loses customer’s car during sex romp at brothel


A mechanic in Lafia , Nasarawa State , John Simon , has got more than he bargained for as a customer ’ s car he drove to a brothel in the New Nyanya area of the state was stolen .

City Round learnt that Simon was in the middle of an overnight romp with a sex worker, Stella Emeerga , when the 2014 Toyota Camry car was taken away by three men in connivance with Emeerga .

It was gathered that Simon , a father of two , stopped by at the brothel while travelling to Abuja to deliver the vehicle to his customer who is a car dealer .

While he was drunk in the brothel , one of the accomplices reportedly sneaked in and picked the car key on the floor.

At dawn, when he did not find the car where it was parked , Simon reported the incident at the New Nyanya Police Station and he and Emeerga were arrested.

After months of investigation at the station without headway , the owner of the car was said to have petitioned the Inspector- General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, and the case was transferred to IG’ s Intelligence Response Team .

One of the suspects, Monday Francis , recently arrested by the operatives owned up to the crime during an interview with City Round during the week.

The 30-year - old suspect said the theft was planned together with Emeerga , noting that the car was with a member of the gang who is still at large .

He stated , “ We were four including Stella ( Emeerga ) that planned to steal the car when the driver ( Simon ) arrived at the brothel . We planned to make it look as if Stella was innocent. I pretended that I wanted water from her and she came out of her room while one of us quietly opened the door and took the car key .

“ Stella told us that the man was drunk and that we could try . Dodo and Ezekiel took the car away. They gave it to one buyer who is on the run. Boys hang around the brothel to steal from anyone who is careless . Most of them will sleep off. We will enter their rooms and steal their valuables . ”

But Emeerga , 25, who said Simon had been her customer for over a year , denied conniving with the gang to steal the car.

She said she did not realise the vehicle had been stolen until in the morning when she discovered that a piece of cloth she used to block a big hole on her door had been removed.

She stated, “ That day, Simon saw me hanging outside the brothel waiting for a customer . He took me and his friend , Junior, to an ATM point in Maraba to withdraw money . We came back and stayed outside till around 12am . I told him that I want to go and sleep as I was feeling cold. He told me that he wanted to sleep with me that night. I resisted but since there was no customer , I obliged him .

“ Around 1am , I heard someone knock at my door. I ignored it but the person knocked again . It turned out to be Francis. I opened the door and explained to him that I have a guest . He then asked me if I had water and I said no .

“ He pleaded with me to help him collect water from the bar. I followed him and locked my door because I know bad boys might enter my room . Simon was awake but lying down. I came back and we slept. In the morning, our landlady knocked at my door that I should bring my N 1, 500 levy. We normally contribute N 1, 500 every month to settle security men.

“ I discovered that a hole on my door was opened . I normally used cloth to block it. I never knew that something had happened . It was when Simon finished bathing and could not find the key that I realised that someone could have accessed my room through that hole . We went outside and discovered that the car was no longer where it was parked. We went to New Nyaya Police Station and reported the matter . They took our statement and detained us . ”

Narrating how she went into prostitution , Emeerga said she was married with two children before things took a drastic turn in 2015 when her husband became mentally ill.

Emeerga said , “ He was in the university to do a degree programme when he became mad. He killed one of my children and I returned to my parents ’ house. I was not doing anything, so one of my friends in Nasarawa asked me to come over last November. I knew that she is a prostitute and I started hustling too .

“ I have lost count of the number of men I have slept with but in a day if the market is booming , I get up to eight persons. The amount we charge depends on the bargaining power . If there is no customer especially during this coronavirus period that men ran away, we collect N 500 per customer . ”

In his account , Simon said he saw Emeerga leaving the room but he did not suspect any criminal intent.

“ I am a mechanic and a driver. My customer called me to drive his car to Abuja and I decided to relax a bit with Stella ( Emeerga ) . I have known her for about a year . We stopped at a bar and drank.

“ I didn ’ t know anyone entered her room . I saw her when she left , but I didn ’ t bother to stand up. She came back and we made love after which I slept off . It was when I woke up that I discovered that the key was missing . ”

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