Thursday, September 3, 2020

Biden campaign raises $364m, breaks Obama’s record


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden raised more than $364 million in August, reportedly breaking the record for monthly campaign donations even though his fundraising efforts were largely online because of the coronavirus pandemic .

The former vice president and the Democratic National Committee pulled in a total of $364. 5 million, of which $205 million were pledged online from small donors , his campaign team said Wednesday.

The previous record was set by Barack Obama and the DNC in September 2008, when he raised almost $200 million, according to CBS and New York Times reports.

“ That figure blows me away, ” said the 77-year - old Biden in a statement thanking his supporters.

“ Over $205 million, or 57 percent of the money we raised , came from online donations , from people like you , chipping in $5, $10, $20 at a time , ” the candidate added .

Having prepared his re -election campaign since he arrived in the White House in early 2017, 74- year -old President Donald Trump still has a larger overall war chest , but Biden has been drawing in ever larger sums since winning the Democratic primary in April.

“ We have to keep breaking records if we want to ensure a fighting chance at winning this thing , ” Biden urged his supporters.

“ Trump’ s money machine remains and it’ s bolstered by outside , dark money — not grassroots donors like all of you , ” Biden said .

“ And you better believe they will pour it all into attacks and smears against me , against Kamala , and against our campaign. ”

Biden ’ s pick of California Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate , making her the woman of color on a major party presidential ticket , fired up his donor base , raising $26 million in 24 hours, Biden revealed on August 12.

In July , Trump and the Republic National Committee raised $165 million, against $140 million for the Democrats the same month.

( AFP)

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