Saturday, September 5, 2020

BBNaija: Erica, Kidd Waya, Laycon’s love triangle takes centre stage


Since July 19, the fifth season of one of the most popular reality television shows in Nigeria , Big Brother Naija ( Lockdown Edition) , has no doubt thrilled its numerous fans since 20 housemates began the tussle for the N 85m grand prize .

Week in, week out, fans of the reality show have argued about their favourite housemates on social media, especially Twitter and Instagram .

But one of the undeniable highlights of this Lockdown Edition has been the love triangle between billionaire son of Terry Waya , Terseer Kidd Waya ; Erica Nlewedim; and Olamilekan Agbeleshe , popularly known as Laycon .

The centre of attraction , Erica , has shown her undeniable physical attraction for Kidd Waya . However , she has also stated that she is “ mentally attracted” to Laycon, a graduate of Philosophy from the University of Lagos .

Over the past weeks, Erica and Kidd Waya have been lovey- dovey but not without the usual hiccups of a budding relationship.

Laycon on his part seems to have painfully but graciously accepted his fate.

All this frenzy has arguably earned Erica a reputation of being one of the most criticised housemates on social media with some netizens even using derogatory words to describe her.

Responding to some of the comments , Erica ’ s social media handler said in part, “ Slut -shaming continues; the smear campaigns double up. The constant dragging is raised up and intensifies. How is being a woman with ‘ choices’ an offence ? How is having a ‘ preference’ a bad thing? She has been labelled all sorts for having a choice . The latest one is being tagged a ‘ classist. ’ Erica is and can never be classist. None of her actions in the house has insinuated nor pointed to that direction. We ask , does she deserve the slut -shaming , lies and propaganda against her ? Time will tell . ”

Meanwhile, viral clips from the show have shown Erica and Kidd Waya in compromising positions which has made viewers opine that the duo engaged in coitus. A few days ago , the beauty pageant contestant , Erica , referring to Kidd Waya said “ we did everything together. ” She however , said if Biggie played the video of what happened there , she would not want to watch it . Supporters of the three housemates on Twitter were up in arms over the situation .

@ Bolanle tweeted , “ Nigerians will find it hard to believe that a rich and handsome man like Kidd Waya would fall in love just like that . They believe Lekan truly loves Erica because he’ s poor and not so good- looking so he’ s sincere. I don ’ t blame you people . ”

@ leroikingin tweeted , “ All of you bashing Kidd Waya and Erica are really not serious . Isn ’ t it the same sex Nina and Miracle had ? Teddy and Bambam , too ? Mercy and Ike , etc . ? So , why is theirs different ? Why are you all trying to bring them down?”

@ Official _ mohnyc tweeted , “ To be fair, Kidd Waya must go home . The guy doesn ’ t need the money, it’ s getting boring, and it’ s a good chance to get rid of him , so Erica can focus on the game. So , elites , if you ’ re wise , you will stop with this ‘ saving your imaginary in- law ’ nonsense. Give Laycon your votes . ”

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