Monday, August 24, 2020

ZLP condemns Ondo council Elections, says it’s a charade

The Ondo State Chapter of the Zenith Labour Party (ZLP) has condemned in its entirety the just concluded election into Local Government Offices across the State.

The Party’s state Publicity secretary, Mr. Felix Olatunde in a statement signed on Sunday said the exercise, in its conception, execution and predictable outcome, falls short of the minimum standard of democratic process and ought to be condemned by all lovers of democracy and good governance.

In his words:

“We watched from afar, the charade that was called election across the state and saw only what is at best a poorly executed and hurriedly packaged electoral heist”

“The Zenith Labour Party had earlier boycotted the scam, owing to our conviction that it was designed to arrive at the enthronement of cronies of the All Progressives Congress, APC, and nothing more.”

“The myriad of malfoneasance, rigging and violence that occasioned the process show clearly that the APC, has lost touch with the electorates and reality.”

“The poor turnout across the state and the desperation displayed by the APC in muzzling candidates from the few parties who jumped into fray show that the party has little or no credibility left.”

“The ZLP is busy working to rally all lovers of democracy and rule of law behind our candidate in the forthcoming election and we therefore call on all and sundry to join the movement to put an end to the lack lustre era of the Akeredolu-led APC.”

“While we commiserate with those who were maimed and or wounded, those who were wantonly disenfranchised and those who had their hopes dashed in the process, we call on all to join us to oust the incumbent government through the instrumentality of the ballot come October 10, 2020.”

“We have looked at the structural composition of Ondo State Independent Electoral Commission (ODIEC) and concluded that it was fatally compromised by the appointment of card-carrying members of APC while the recruitment of the ad-hoc staff was made an exclusive preserve of APC members too.”

“APC, the outgoing party, employed thuggry and banditry during campaigns and legitimised open attacks on members of other parties.”

“The most appalling of it all was the blatant denial of access to contestants from other political parties and their prospective voters to the polling centers while the voting was supposed to be ongoing.”

“Our party condemn the lethal attacks unleashed on members of SDP and ADC in Idanre and Ondo West LGs respectively.

The numerous occasions of open ballott snatching and stuffing and recorded violence across the state, has removed any scintilla legitimacy that could be attached to the process.”

“We plead with the peace loving citizens of the Sunshine State to remain calm and committed to the cause of positive and progressive governance, principles that we hold dear in the ZLP.” He concluded.

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