Monday, August 3, 2020


''The darkest place in hell is reserved for people who are neutral in the time of crises''

The Sunshine Students and Youth Stakeholder was established with an ideological Mantra that represent the true interest of the Youth and students of the sunshine state. 

It has been proven by the calibers of personalities who are members of the SSS.

The sunshine students and Youth cut across  both past and present Students and Youth leaders in the State and this was designed to ensure adequate representation at all levels.                    

The Sunshine Students and Youth Stalkholders under the leadership of the NANS National Zone D Coordinator Comrade Kowe Kalusa has taken a bold step to ensure that the interest of Nigerian Students is taken as the priority of the group. In the process of consultation which is one of the principles of leadership ,the Pentagon Movement Group (PMG) hosted the leaders of Sunshine students and Youth Stakeholders in an intellectual discussion which resulted to a request from the Sunshine Students and Youth Stakeholders that the Pentagon Movement Group (PMG) should help the SSS to achieve the biggest challenge facing the students of Ondo state which is the reduction of the school fees in Ondo state. 

The state coordinator of PMG Mr Lulu Fawehinmi assured the SSS that the school fees of the tertiary institutions in Ondo state will be reduced and that it will be done in order to prove to students that a lot of agitations has been going underneath for the interest of the students.

The PMG Coordinator in person of Babajide Akeredolu donated a car through the office of the Director of mobilization ( Ilesanmi Ade-Ademola) to the Sunshine Students and Youth Stakeholders to aid the movement of this organisation and moreso an office to enhance intellectual engagement and this was presented by Mr Lulu Fawehinmi

The SSS appreciate the PMG for their interest in the reduction of the school fees in Ondo state which is the priority the SSS.

In thesame vein ,the Sunshine students and Youth Stakeholders appreciate PMG for the donation of a car and an office to this organisation.
We assure the PMG Mobiliser that we would be glad if our request is achieved which is the reduction in scholar of the Tertiary institutions in Ondo south and that we would use all the resources at our disposal for the betterment of Ondo.

Our sincere appreciation goes to the founder and National coordinator of  the Pentagon Movement Group (PMG) Mr Babajide Akeredolu for this kind gesture to the Sunshine Students and Youth Stakeholder. His leadership and intellectual prowess has paved way for our alignment for a greater Ondo State.

The infrastructural development executed by the Executive Governor of Ondo state Arakunrin Rotimi Odunayo Akeredolu is overwhelming especially in the construction of road project in the state. 

We must but keep on agitating for the welfare and interest of Sunshine Students/Youth across board as all hands must be on deck. 

God bless Ondo state!
God bless Nigeria 🇳🇬 !
God bless all youths and students!
Aluta Continua! Victoria ascerta!

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