Monday, August 31, 2020

Juventus making enquiries about Messi


An intermediary claiming to be acting on behalf of Juventus has made inquiries about the potential cost of signing Lionel Messi .

The intermediary is also said to have outlined proposals to Messi’ s entourage detailing how he could fit into the Juventus team, according to Skysports .

Reports in Italy , however , indicated that Juventus are in a difficult financial situation following the coronavirus pandemic, and are unlikely to be able to afford Messi .

Juventus players agreed to waive four months ’ wages from March to help, and reports have claimed they may be forced to sell either Cristiano Ronaldo or Paulo Dybala this summer .

Lionel Messi missed a coronavirus test at Barcelona ’ s training ground on Sunday morning , club sources have confirmed to AFP, raising the possibility he will now boycott pre - season to force a transfer.

But La Liga have given a boost to Barca ’ s hopes of keeping Messi by announcing that the release clause in his contract , set at 700 million euros ( $833 million) , still applies.

Messi and his lawyers believe a separate clause means he should be allowed to leave for free this summer .

Without passing a coronavirus test, Messi will be unable to join team- mates for Ronald Koeman ’ s first training session on Monday , with the start of the new La Liga season less than two weeks away.

Messi was due for testing at 10. 15am on Sunday but according to sources at Barcelona , he failed to show up at the Ciutat Esportiva .

The club ’ s captain and greatest ever player could now be punished with a fine and even a reduction in salary if the strike continues .

Luis Suarez – his best friend and strike partner – and Arturo Vidal were among those seen arriving for tests , despite both players being told they should find new teams as part of a planned clear-out this summer .

The meet -up was a chance for Messi to make his first public appearance since the burofax stating his intention to leave arrived in the offices of Camp Nou on Tuesday evening .

Instead, his absence offers a clear indication of his determination to secure a move and how ugly this dispute could now become .

Taking part in the team’ s pre -season programme could damage his legal case if his departure ends up being settled in court .

Barcelona insist a clause included in Messi’ s contract that allowed him to go for free this summer had to be activated by June 10 and the only way the 33-year- old will be allowed to depart now is via the payment of 700 million euros .

La Liga, who were always likely to take the side of the club , agree that Messi ’ s release clause is still valid.

“ The contract is currently in force and has a ‘ termination clause ’ applicable if Lionel Andres Messi decides to activate the early unilateral termination of the contract , ” La Liga said in a statement .

“ In compliance with the regulations and procedure in these cases , La Liga will not de- register the player from the ( Spanish football ) federation unless they have previously paid the amount of said clause . ”

Yet Messi ’ s lawyers believe the clause that allows him to leave for free refers not to a specific date but to 10 days after the end of the season .

Given last season was extended into August due to the pandemic , with the Champions League final only played last weekend, they maintain Messi ’ s request to leave came within the agreed period .

His absence on Sunday suggests he is prepared to do whatever it takes to quit the club he joined as 13-year - old boy , and where most expected him to continue all the way through to retirement.

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