Monday, July 20, 2020

#Ondo2020: Kola Ademujimi Writes Idanre Delegates


Our attention has been drawn to an article by an online blogger with the above caption. Ordinarily, we could have ignored it but, due to our quest to always educate people with low intelligence quotient as the writer of the article, his cohorts and to lay the facts on the table to afford the public know the truth for an informed conclusion.

The first truth that should be sacrosanct is the fact that, the platform which the writer choose to vent his anger against Dr Kola Ademujimi was for PDP members  and not an APC or SDP platform which gave him away as someone sponsored by the APC opposition collaborators within PDP to cause disaffection among loyal party members.

Another truth is that Dr Kola Ademuji is an experienced grassroot politician that has every right to support and work any of the aspirants of his choice.The question is: Why these attacks on Dr Ademujimi?

Dr Kola Ademujimi, apart being the Ajiroba of Idanre Kingdom till date and a Knight of Methodist Church Nigeria, enjoys a personal relationship with the Paramount Ruler of Idanre Kindom which transcends beyond politics.

Idanre indigenes are quite aware of this uncommon father-son relationship.

It is therefore laughable and illogical for a write that he denied the symbol of institution that conferred on him an enviable chieftaincy title access to the State Governor!

Dr Ademujimi is far above such pettiness.

Another truth remains that, no one can push anyone away from politics.It is free entry and free exit.

Those mentioned by this fire brigade writer as being pushed out of politics,are adults whose political decisions they took must be respected.

But none of them could accused Dr Ademujimi as the architect of whatever they became in politics today.

Life, they say, is a risk and it's for risk takers

Olusegun Mimiko took the risk and he became Governor. Same as HE Agboola Ajayi, that was pushed out of the PDP, took the risk and became the current Deputy Governor of Ondo State: the same state Governor Mimiko governed for 8 years.

The fact remains that all these notable politicians including Dr Kola Ademujimi and Hon Festus Olanrewaju Akingbaso, MHA,are all risk takers, grassroot politicians and not opportunist politicians.

It now beats our Imagination as to why the writer could compare Cocoa Merchants, and practising business guys to practising politicians. 

Now in response to your writing about the person of Eyitato Jegede you tried to parade as saint. While the subject of this rejoinder is not about him, however, we should not shy away from asking pertinent questions our writer failed to ask his 'idol' which is: How and what brought Eyitayo Jegede to Akure to join politics which he has now discovered the honey in it is sweeter than the honey to the extent of leaving his professional calling in Yola, Adamawa State, that fetched him the title of SAN.

To further help the writer,we refer him to Barrister Remi Olatubura and Dr Olumide Ayeni, that Lawyer from Ijebu that worked very hard to get Dr Mimiko his mandate, they would lecture him on all he needs to know about 'Saint Jedege' whom he tried unsuccessfully to paint white, and other salient information on Jegede's journey to Ondo state politics.

The next question should be: how many LP members saw Eyitayo Jegede before during and after the 2007 election and the struggle to reclaim the stolen mandate at the election petition tribunal in 2009?

The man was invited to be the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice after the struggle had been won. His record of performance in that office is not the purpose of this rejoinder.

For the record, we make bold to say that, no politician of Idanre extraction, either dead or alive, could match what Dr Kola Ademujimi has done for Idanre people as a Medical Doctor who,till date, maintains the largest hospital complex in Idanre Kingdom and now practically serves as free cost hospital. From his stint as the Member representing Idanre in Ondo State House of Assembly, as the Chairman of Ondo state Housing  Corporation during the regime of late Governor Adefarati, apart from employing Idanre indigenes to various cadre in that government establishment,he ensured all Idanre applicants for land allocations at Oba Afunbiowo Housing Estate acquired such land allocation for just #96,000.00.

Today, the estate is otherwise known as Idanre Estste due to the large population of Idanre indigenes.

His loyalty, dedication, steadfastness, humility and honesty made him the longest serving Chief Of Staff to any State Governor in Nigeria.

Despite the limited space he had to operate, used the position to the overall benefits of his people in Idanre, party members and everyone that came across him in the course of his diligent service to humanity.

Today, Dr Ademujimi enjoys that credibility among the political class in Ondo State and his recent appointment as DG Agboola Ajayi Pre Campaign Organization has brought much needed seriousness to the task.This shall manifest in the coming days.

We therefore advise the writer and his sponsor to wait till after the PDP primary and direct their attacks on our common political enemy, APC instead of Dr Kola Ademujimi who is today being envied for his meteoric and intimidating political credentials.

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