Friday, July 31, 2020

Àfòpiná (Butterfly), Allen Sowore

There is an act of human akin to the behaviuor of moths, that are instinctively attracted to light and are sometimes observed to go directly into flames, seemingly committing hara-kiri.

Let me put it  more succinctly, a butterfly that attempts to extinguish barbeque fire (Labalábá tófé pa iná suya) is certainly on a self destruction.

I have recently observed the activities of some media aides and hirelings of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, who have resorted to sharing my old posts (I mean articles, which I wrote when I was SA, New Media to the Governor) on various social media platforms for the twin purpose of misrepresenting facts and current realities, and also to blackmail me cheaply. Their motive is wretched and inglorious because they only seek to extinguish the new fireworks from my side, which they have been unable to withstand.

Àfòpiná tó ní òun ó pa fìtíla ara ẹ̀ ni yó pa.

In their low thinking, by sharing my old articles, they hope to deceive the people on one hand the articles are recent, while also hoping that they would succeed in demarketing my unique way of writing. Fortunately, they have succeeded in promoting the brand name "Allen Sowore". To the glory of God, I have now become the leading light in the media team of Ondo State Government. Oluwaseun.

Many of the media hirelings of the governor can no longer write anything on their own again except copy and paste what Allen Sowore wrote in the past 3 and half years. 

Àfòpiná tó ní òun ó pa fìtíla ara ẹ̀ ni yó pa.

Surprisingly, even their paymaster, Arakunrin, like a moth to a flame has also taken upon himself this attitude of attacking his Deputy everywhere he went. Recently, Arakunrin did mention that the Deputy Governor has no electoral value. Why then do you dissipate your energy on a man that has no electoral value, running from pillar to post in the process ? No one would spend considerable time, energy and resources on stopping a man without electoral value as Arakunrin has attempted in recent months. Methinks someone somewhere in Alagbaka is lying to themselves.

All those who clandestinely envied the position of the Deputy Governor and plotted to replace him (including the now famous Okete) have ended like the proverbial butterfly which attempted to quench suya fire.

Àfòpiná tó ní òun ó pa fìtíla ara ẹ̀ ni yó pa.

Within and outside Ondo State, it's needless for anyone to tell us that the Deputy Governor, Alfred Agboola Ajayi has no electoral value. The results of previous and recent elections are verifiable evidences of his electoral worth. Most recently, the outcome of the People's Democratic Party's (PDP) election held on 22nd July, 2020 has reaffirmed, that Agboola Alfred Ajayi, without sounding immodest, is a game changer and one of the  leading lights of Ondo State politics.

Any attempt by these  butterflies to quench the shinning light will be an exercise in futility and tantamount to committing political harakiri. Shikena!

Àfòpiná tó ní òun ó pa fìtíla ara ẹ̀ ni yó pa.

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