Friday, June 12, 2020

Rape a premeditated murder! By Ade Adebowale

I was suppose to have an online interview 3days ago concerning the rising cases of rape which has become incessant in the past few days but unfortunately I couldn't meet up with time because I got home tired and cranky, you all know how slow Lagos traffic can be at rush hour.

After the girl in Benin was reported to have been raped and killed, shortly after another one was reported in Ibadan. And barely after 48 hours, another post-graduate student was murdered and raped in that same Ibadan around Akinyele Local Government Oyo state. Azeezat was said to have graduated from the university of Ilorin and she's currently running a post-graduate program in UI.

I've read different positions on the rape and killings which is unremitting but only few have taken their time to dissect and analyze the menace which has threatened and frightened our atmosphere in the past few days.

Some even go to the extent of saying we all need to pray and fast just to stop these madness after they must have told us about some badly scripted story of how the devil lives in hell, HELL NO! the devil lives right here and we are the devil and only if we can take the evil out of people, they will be acting right. So take your clueless idea to your religious centers. Majority of these culprits don't usually have a good moral standard as a background from home because our parents believed churches and mosques are the best place to get morals, we don't necessarily need religion to have morals, if so why then do we have murderers, rapists etcetera in our society with the number of religious centers we have. If you can't determine right from wrong, it's either you're rust in the brain of you just refuse to grow your brain so it's not religion you're lacking. In Nigeria it's either you're a Muslim or Christian so those who don't have religion are not up to 1% of the entire population, don't ask me how I come about this statistic.

Stupidity is when you feel of think these girls are victims because they are indecently dressed, it will indeed be foolish for anyone to think as such. The young victim from Benin who happens to be the hope of the family can't dress indecently to going to church! Redeem for that matter. What about that promising daughter of that hopeful mother in Ibadan whose daughter made several promises to but these animals in human's clothing didn't allow her fufill them for crying out loud she was on her Ijab. And if you still think this has got to do with dressing indecently then you're either mad or a rape apologist.

I guess I will have to agree with a friend of mine who told me he's seeing this as a form of ritual or something as the case is on the increase. But whatever it is, there's no justification whatsoever for a rape case. Has anyone ever thought about the lifelong psychological effects on the victim(s) because not all wounds are physical, what about the scars it leaves behind, what about the infamy which stand as a social stigma for the family of the victim(s).

We are in a free world is just that everything is thrown out of context. We have sex workers everywhere as a matter of fact they even give home services in the covid-19 period when people can't go out. We have only complicated things for ourselves in a hypocritical manner of holding pretense for the beliefs of moral standards we do not have. What a failed generation! There's no law prohibiting prostitution in Nigeria so if you feel like having 'gbenshi' you can patronize one today since that's what they do for a living despite their personal dislike or how dishonouring you think it is, that at least put food on their tables. They are far better than you hypocrites who claim to have morals in the public and do otherwise in your closets. Has anyone ever told you you can't deceive the God we all claimed to be serving. For your information our religious leaders and politicians patronize these people and that's why you have to be careful of these 'P' people 🤣🤣.

Even in our schools today where sex education is said to have been taught, the teacher makes it so complicated that they aren't free to use biological terms in describing their teachings. They rather use words like Pencil and Sharpener. For crying out loud what's "pencil and sharpener" it's all gobbledygook to me. A male has the physical characteristics of a man, the boys have pintle let him know this and also the females having Vulva, the external female organ for copulation and so on. I don't want to start sounding like your biology teacher here!!

I read a post on Twitter from a very blunt girl who have been indoor since the Lockdown began, and on hearing that there's going to be an extention she hurriedly wrote "who's going to PENIS us like this" and I saw those religious fanatics yelling at the innocent girl for using the word Penis, I'm sure they will have her head chopped off if only they can set their eyes on her.

One thing these religious centers won't tell you is that 'sex is not just for procreation'. You can have it for fun and the beauty in this is when your spirit and soul is connected you both can do exploit and switch positions and not this your regularly missionary style that birthed these rapists. It will be plain stupidity for anyone to think sex is for procreation, sex is meant to be enjoyed and not just one man's activity where the other person will just lie down like a lifeless catfish. You both have to get involved. Wait sef, how do rapist even enjoy sex when is carried out of self will?? Se e yawere ni. Don't you know you both have to get involved. People who thinks sex is for procreation are those who think the only furniture you can have sex on is bed. Rara o. They won't teach you these things in school, our Pricipal Ogbeni La can attest to this.

Lastly, we have to also see some of these victims or about to be victims as adolescents whose parents are hostile to them. You know all these 'miogbagbere' kinda parents whose children are not free to negotiate or perhaps discuss with. And before a rape is carried out there must have been advances from the opposite sex in some cases but since they've got no one to talk too they ended up being a victim. Parenting is not just a title it's a responsibility you as parents have to fulfill. Having matured discussions with your children should be an activity you do on a regular basis and also have some serious discussions about their ENTIRE body. Some of these parents still can't kiss in presence of their children because they think it's ungodly but it's unfortunate how they get to learn kissing from a stranger. Infact they are good kisser than their parents because they do it with refinement. Sotan yin! 😜

The home needs a very special focus than the schools and our worship centers, we have to talk more on partnership of parents rather than relationship.

Sex is best enjoyed when consented to by two matured individuals. A NO MEANS NO. A rapist and a murderer are the same story but different time!

There's nothing that cannot be remedied, bringing the culprits to book is our collective responsibility. And nothing shall discourage us.
Our girls are vulnerable, they are worthful and deserve to be treated with respect. END RAPE NOW!

I must commend the effort of the most proactive Global President of NANS COMRADE Danielson Bamidele Akpan which is meritorious for leading a crusade against Rape and we are convinced that justice will be served.

 Williams Rachael Olufunmi you're doing very well you're a woman's man and I'm astonished with your walk in the street of akure against rape. I love you my Facebook madam, keep the good work up.

I'm Ade Adebowale
Unrepentant activist
Immediate past Chairman of NANS Ondo State Axis.

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