Monday, June 8, 2020

People Talk: How govt, parents can tackle rape, sexual assault

“Parents need to be very vigilant, monitor and give sexual education to their children especially the girl child. Children should be trained to always voice out whenever they see signs of assault from either male or female.
“The government should enact a new law that will stipulate castration or death by hanging for offenders.” — Aderonke Farotimi, Health Practitioner.
“Parents should monitor their children; teach them sex education without holding back any secrets. Let them know from us and not from outsiders.
“Government should execute anyone found guilty. It concerns all of us. We should also train our children in the way of Lord.” –Ayomide Adebanjo, Teacher
“Parents should be the best friend of their children so that these children can share their experiences with them. Also parent should not be shy to discuss sex education with their children.
“The government should instill stringent punishment for rape and other sexual offences for both male and female.” —Quadri Titilayo, Caterer
“Parents should lead their children by godly counsel and prayers. The scripture says train up a child in the way he should go, when he grows up, he will not depart from it.
“Fathers should show more than passing interest in the life of their male children. Government should encourage diligent prosecution of offenders.” –Rev.Eseme Unen, Cleric
“Government should adopt stiffer punishments for culprits. All pornographic sites and streaming platforms should also be banned because they corrupt young boys who go all out to practice awful sexual acts.
“There should be bond between the girl child and mothers for in-depth sex education and there should also be modesty when it comes to dressing.” — Ojo Samuel, Educational Technologist.
“Let everyone imbibe the consciousness that everyone deserves to be treated with utmost dignity. With that in place, a lot of inhuman behavioral traits will cease in our society.
“However, Parents should teach their children what to run away from when they start seeing red lights. Government should impose stiffer sanctions for rape.” — Akanmu Ebenezer, Analyst

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