Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Nigeria’s diversity Should be our strength, Lawan tells Leaders

Nigeria lacks the moral standing to condemn the killing of Mr. Floyd because of our problems of killings arising from ethnic and religious discrimination, Bwacha

PRESIDENT of the Senate, Senator Ahmad Lawan, has urged leaders in the country to take advantage of the country’s diversity as a strength that must be utilized to foster unity, peace, and development. 
Speaking on Wednesday while reacting to a point of order brought to the floor on by deputy Senate Minority Leader, Senator Emmanuel Bwacha, PDP, Taraba South) during plenary, Lawan said, “We should ensure as leaders that we use and weave this diversity into strength, and that is trying to provide leadership regardless of geographical, ethnic and religious differences. Many of our leaders are trying to do that, so I think you tried to deviate a little bit and it almost turned controversial.”
Meanwhile, Bwacha has taken a swipe at our country, saying that his decision not to bring up the matter for consideration was due to the fact that Nigeria lacks the moral standing to condemn the killing of Mr. Floyd as a nation, we presently grapple with our own problems of killings arising from ethnic and religious discrimination. 
Earlier, Bwacha who relied on order 43 of the Senate Standing Rules, drew the attention of his colleagues to the recent killing of George Floyd by the Police in Minneapolis, United States of America.
Bwacha said, “The global protest against racism which was ignited from the action of racist police in Minneapolis in the United States.
“We are all aware of what followed, the wicked despicable manner the life of George Floyd was taken from this world.
“This singular incident, Mr. President, ordinarily would have generated debates even in this chamber. Meaning, I would have invoked order 52 to enable us to debate this matter.”
The Senate Deputy Minority Leader was countered by his colleague, Senator Adamu Aliero (APC – Kebbi Central), who also relied on order 43 on personal explanation, to crave the indulgence of the Senate not to entertain any matter that may spark unnecessary controversy. 
Bwacha, however, explained that the reason for bringing up the death of George Floyd was to remind Nigerians on the need to work on all associated problems that are spin-offs from the country’s diversity. 

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