Friday, June 5, 2020


Journey is the act of traveling from one place to another especially when they are far apart greatness is the qualities of being great; eminence or distinction Journey to greatness are in stages and some of these stages can not be avoided, some of these processes are there to build use and make us a better person.

Some of the things we have to put in mind on our  journey to greatness putting God first, one must be conscious that God lives one must allow, God to take lead in his/her live because every good and perfect gift comes from God, He is the only person that gives strength abundantly.

Avoid laziness one who want to be prosperous can not be a lazy one, one must be productive in everything he/she does.

Being hardworking, keep moving do not relent and anything you do, do it diligently.

Barriers like failure comes in one's journey to greatness but one must to look away from any of failure that comes our way, failures are not might to pull one down put to give one the courage and hope to stay focused on our way to greatness, one does not quit, repeat the process all over again do not look back on ur failures or shortcomings.

Don't make failure, fear or doubt make you settle for little things read books related to greatness and success, read biography of successful and great people in life.

Work on your creativity/hobbies we all have that one thing we love doing at our leisure time, sometimes we want to sit alone and do something different, something amazing "never should we waste our leisure time" being creative makes you have confidence of what you can do. One must make good use of his/her leisure time.

Have positive thinking sometimes when man  thinks he sees better, his thinking then reflect in his actions and start becoming a better person.

Have good relationship with others in one way or the other, some people have the resources we needed while some are there to advise, encourage, inspire and support us on our journey to greatness.

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions, small people always do that, but great people make you feel that you too,can be great Mark Twain.

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