Thursday, June 4, 2020

Don’t be like US cops, Nigerian policemen warned

Policemen in Nigeria have been advised against repeating the action of United States cop, Derek Chauvin, which led to the death of a black American, George Floyd.
The Commissioner of Police in charge of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Fiminhan Adeoye, and the Chief Lecturer of the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Jide Johnson, stated this on Thursday during a workshop for men and officers of the Lagos State Rapid Response Squad at Alausa, Ikeja.
The workshop was themed, ‘PLAN Principle: Proportionality and De-escalation of Crisis’.
Adeoye told the policemen that their actions could affect the entire police population.
He also reminded them that their primary responsibilities were to protect lives and property, including preventing crime.
The police boss warned that inappropriate use of force could violate the right of citizens.
Johnson, who was the guest speaker, said aside from Chauvin’s wife divorcing him and his children bearing the shame of his action, the United States was embroiled in crisis because of the cop’s action.
He said, “You must understand that your action or inaction has the capacity of causing collateral damage. Look at the case of the American policeman (Chauvin). It was just one person and three others that were aiding and abetting. And we have seen the damage it has done all over America in terms of lives and property that have been lost and the spillover effect globally. And in terms of the anger it has raised among the public towards the police.
“It is important for the policeman to know that he is accountable to himself, his family, the institution, and God. The actions I am taking, what consequences will they lead to in terms of whether I am in line with the principles that guide my operations or not? Was it necessary for that police officer to kneel on the man’s neck after he had been arrested? Now, his wife has divorced him, his children will live with the consequences of his action forever, and his name has been written in black gold forever.”

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