Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Digída Jéyefò By Allen Sowore

If you know the ways of animals; you would know the way of men. More often, I embrace these analogies and folktales to drive home my points. It's my own way of complying with the idea of local content.

Digída Jéyefò is that very act a bird will perform when the branch of tree it leaning on falls. A bird does not share in casualties of the trees. Bi Ìdí bati bàjé..

The season of politicking has come. Politicians will align and realign. As it's often said, in politics, no permanent friend or enemy but permanent interest. So, it was a milestone in the political history of Ondo State as the Deputy Governor, Agboola Ajayi formally joined the  PDP at Kiribo, his hometown few days ago.

The challenges of this is that, supporters, followers and  aides of the principal actors will continue to act and react to issues as it affects their principal. That's why the police could issue statement to justify what's a clear rape of our democratic gains. Similar to this is the perfidy of government officials who have embark on fruitless efforts to justify; or sometime attempt to persuade, dissuade and conscript the people to believe in the course they have chosen. 

The effect is this  press statement and wisecrack which expose official braggadocios. Almost akin to the character of the poem the- 'Executioner' by Elliott Paul Woolhouse. " I am the Executioner, I am proud to kill. The one with the axe. Governance has never been at this ebb. Where's the concept of the ideals of our forebears. The ideals of Omolúwàbí ?

I have argued  else where that If we have imbibed the tenets of democracy as we professed it, such a character, a mere appendage who superintended the deprivation of the constitutional rights of an elected Deputy Governor should be in gaol.

In constitutional democracy, the people matter. There's this plenitopotenciary of government, with this unlimited powers intimidating all. With this nonchalant attitude- " I don care attitude". The people can go to hell. Ati ti òjébo Olorisalowo.

The fact is, this characters exist and thrive in governance. They're the same gang who can enter the market and destroy the goods of the poor market widows with impunity.

 On account of education and knowledge, the character would boast.Uncle, what's knowledge without character. Some, leverage on experience, beaurocracies. Mr Technocrat ! Digí Jéyefò

Our Oga is a good  man as the husband of his wife and father of his children. But as the presiding officer, he's surrounded by these characters, who are opposed to democratic principles. Those who are in for business. Those who believe in what they can get. Those who believe in the imposition of higher tax. When you preside over a rich state and imporerish the people, you will only succeed as a rich individual among the poor- Olówó kan larin àwon Òtòsì. Is that the essence of governance ? Government now becomes the nightmare of the people.

This character once existed as the chairman of the Ondo State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission,(OSOPADEC) 
I remember that political playboy.The man who managed  the patrimony of the people but yet abhors  to live among them. Our brother is like that.

So, this character will call the APC nonsense political party. The  APC produced government of Ondo State as far as we know is still your feeding bottle.  And  you're sucking it like a baby. Yet, at every opportunity you talk down on her people. Our women are bleaching pigs. Education is supposed to refine a man.

His frequent declaration of this political hegemony as nonsensical reminds me of the Ghanaian novelist, Ayi Kwei Armah's  "Chichidodo bird " in 'The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born'.  Chichidodo bird that detests excreta but eats maggots from it. . He's boastful of knowledge but lacks character. What's knowledge without character.

He pretends to be principled but yet carries out all hatchet jobs. This nonchalant attitude can only be executed by this character- Dígidá Jéyefò and not a stakeholder. A political stakeholder will think about the future, when he will need the people.

Get me right, the concept of Dígidá Jéyefò has nothing to do with citizen or denizen. The example of Chief Guy Gargiulo abounds . The former European Principal of Ajuwa Grammar School, Akoko. He left England for Igbobi College in Lagos in 1963 and later proceeded to Ajuwa Grammar School in 1971.

During his stewardship as the school’s Principal, Ajuwa Grammar School, which was battling for life rose back as one of the best in the area.

After his retirement from service, Gargiulo stayed back in Okeagbe and later came to live in Ugbe Akoko where he chose to embark on philanthropic gestures. That's how not to be- Dígidá Jéyefò.

Until we're able to find enough courageous men in the corridor of power, we will continue to be victims of some of the Seven Social Sins mentioned first by an Anglican priest named Frederick Lewis Donaldson which Gandhi made popular in his publication,  Young India. The worst of those society ills bedeviling us today-  Knowledge without character and politics without principles.

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