Monday, May 25, 2020

Group exposes plot to smear Gov Udom Emmanuel

GGA revealed that it has obtained an exclusive intelligence concerning an evil plot by certain politicians in Akwa Ibom State to sponsor a media campaign aimed at smearing and besmirching the sterling character of the Governor, Udom Emmanuel has been uncovered.
According to a press statement by the group’s President General, High Chief Aniekan Essien, who met with some media men in Uyo, Sunday, “we have obtained exclusive and incontrovertible details received, a group of journalists were approached in Lagos by certain politicians in the State with the expressed assignment to write spurious, libellous and false stories about the Governor. The evil plot according to the details available is aimed at smearing the image and character of the Governor.
“The journalists, who were approached with huge sums of money to execute the evil plot, however, turned down the evil assignment. We were shocked and morally outraged that a fine gentleman who is seen as a highly successful governor, educated, urbane, worldly and who is working so hard to industrialize the State and change the mindset of the people; a decent gentleman blessed with Christian values and orientation, a man of peace and development could be so vilely targeted, just to settle political scores. It is outrageous and morally reprehensible and our conscience would not allow us to be used to bring down the image of this fine and capable leader and gentleman.
The group applauded the governor for focusing on development, even when many other states were still reluctant to move beyond the ravaging pandemic.
“When we saw the news in the media about the addition of a new aircraft to the fleet of Ibom Air, the development that is taking place all over the State, even the proactive handling of the Covid-19 pandemic by the governor, and other great achievements recorded by him across sectors, we rose to expose the agents of darkness who were bent on publishing falsehood and blackmail-laden stories on the governor”.
“We categorically state that this is a sad commentary on the state of our politics; that a fine gentleman like the governor should be a target for smear campaign just for political purposes, this is very sad and unfortunate and we want to alert Nigerians about this style of ugly and depraved politics”.
The group disclosed that although the plan has failed, “we are, however, aware that they are shopping for media hirelings who may be willing to do their evil bidding. So, we are telling Nigerians now that any smear campaign on the person of Governor Udom Emmanuel, is the handiwork of desperate politicians from the State and should be dismissed.
“Governor Udom Emmanuel deserves applause and not doses of calumny or sponsored false stories in the media. This brand of politics must be rejected by the people”. The statement read.

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