Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Exclusive Interview: We Are The Cure of #COVID19, Ikusika Ayodeji

Smart360media: Can I meet you?

Sir'Atom: I'm Ikusika Ayodeji Samuel is my name but the world call me Sir'Atom, a graduate of College of Health Technology Akure, environmental health technology and also a fashion designer specialist in all male designs (Sir'Atom Wears), also own an online TV (Xploit TV)

Smart360media: Great, as an environmental scientist what can you say about the  current pandemic?

Sir'Atom: Well the as an environmental scientist this pandemic is eating the whole world at an alarming rate and it currently has not cure or prevention rather than we staying at home and keeping distance.

Also note that we are the cure of the virus.

Smart360media: Great, you as a fashion designer, how have the pandemic created set back for your business and brand?

Sir'Atom: That's something I actually don't want to think about cause since the pandemic set in there has been no much fabrics at hand and even right now it's just some finishing touches for the ones we received orders on earlier, then I'll become jobless. The pandemic caused a lot of fun and funds because there is no one going out to any occasion or event so there is literally little or no need for new clothes.

Smart360media: What have you been able to create or do that could make your brand a great one when the pandemic is over?

Sir'Atom: Well I was able to make some protective gadget to limit the spread of the virus and also it gave me time to become more creative in the sense that I reason much more than always since everyday is now everyday there neither weekdays or weekend,
I also have some new designs to bulid on once the pandemic is over.

Smart360media: That's awesome, what advise  can you tell to the world right now?

Sir'Atom: My advice to the world right now is for us all to have it at the back of our mind that we are the cure of this virus and there are just little things to do to overcome this pandemic which are
1. Stay at home And  Keep your distance
2. Wash your hands regularly and maintain personal hygiene
3. If you have enough please help the need in any form you can
4. And don't be a fool to ignorance
5. If you are well educated please endeavor to sensitize others

Smart360media: Thanks so much for your time.

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