Sunday, April 26, 2020

Exclusive Interview: I Will Become Next Miss World, Queen Ifeoluwa Adesina

Smart360media: Can I meet you?

Queen Ifeoluwa: I'm Ifeoluwa Adesina, 21 year old model and a beauty Queen. Also a student of Moshood Abiodun Polytechnic, HND 1 student studying mass communication.

Smart360Media: Great, how have been life generally in relation to studies and entertainment?

Queen Ifeoluwa: Putting the two together have not been an easy task so to be honest, but I have been able to balance it.

Prayers and passion I have for what I’m doing always kept me going.

Smart360Media: Awesome, what year did you started your modeling career?

Queen Ifeoluwa: I started my modeling career year 2016.

Smart360media: Okay, how many peagents have you contested for, how many have you won and how have it been since you started your modelling career?

Queen Ifeoluwa: I have gone for 6 pageants, I won two and 2 title holder. It have not been so easy, but the passion I have for modeling had never forsake me.

Smart360Media: List the 6 paegents.

Queen Ifeoluwa:
Miss Oyo State (Miss Photogenic Oyo State)
Miss Ojuloge Nigeria- I won
Arewa Ogun (Miss Fabulous Arewa Ogun)
Miss Ogun The Polytechnic Ibadan- I won
Miss Ramat The Polytechnic Ibadan
Sisi Ilaro (Top 5 Sisi Ilaro)

Smart360Media: Amazing, how have you been able to give back to the society as a beauty queen?

Queen Ifeoluwa: I organized a pet project whereby I rebranded some pupils  in Ilaro Ogun State. I was able to donate for them new School Uniform, Bags, Sandals, Socks and Books.

Smart360media: Wow, that's huge.

Guess you have sponsors or how have you been able to raise fund to get this done?

Queen Ifeoluwa: Yes, I have few sponsors.

Smart360media: How many awards have your received to your credit so far?

Queen Ifeoluwa: West African Citizens Award 2019- Pageant Queen of the Year

Nominee The African Fashion Fest & Models Award- Next Rated Model of The Year

Smart360media: Eh Eh, do you have any plans to go for another beauty paegent?

Queen Ifeoluwa: Yes but I don’t know the pageant for now.

Smart360Media: Okay, do you wish to become the Miss World anytime soon?

Queen Ifeoluwa: If it is the will of the Almighty Allah, I will be.

Smart360Media: Insha Allah, what advise do you have for aspiring models?

Queen Ifeoluwa: Aspiring models should be prayerful and they should not give up, because lots of people are watching them, the greatest of all is to keep doing what you know how to do the best. Allah will surely crown your efforts one day.

Smart360Media: Thanks for your time, I really do appreciate. How can your fans contact you?

Queen Ifeoluwa: Instagram: queen_ifeoluwa
Twitter: QueenIfeoluwa_
Facebook: Adesina Ifeoluwa

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