Thursday, April 23, 2020

COVID_19: Group Rejects Nigerian Governor's Move On National Lockdown, Threatens To Defy Order.

We, at Oodua Youth Coalition(OYC), read with dismay and shock the decision taken today at the virtual meeting of the Nigerian Governors Forum(NGF) wherein a national lockdown of 14days was proposed. It's disheartening that 36 state leaders concluded to shut everyone in without recourse to the negative effects the previous and ongoing ones have on our people.

Save for Ondo and Oyo States, the remaining four states in Yoruba land have been on total lockdown for weeks now and the resultant effects are clear to the blind. In Lagos and Ogun, criminals are having field and free days terrorizing the people and looting their properties. Every night, hungry and angry Nigerians, who should be sleeping soundly in their homes, have turned emergency vigilantes while the ones indoors only sleep with one eye closed.

Unfortunately, there are reports of unreasonable and unnecessary attacks on innocent citizens by security men stationed on major roadblocks in towns and highways. It was also reported that the Nigerian Security Forces have killed more than the Corona Virus itself.

Furthermore, the social media space is now a home for official and coordinated alms begging. While our young men could do anything to get food, our ladies have turned to nudists and online prostitutes all in the name of giveaway.

In Yoruba land today, the palliatives shared around by political office holders and government officials are ridiculous and cannot sustain the people. Further lockdown could spring up more chaos and lead to more crises the government may not be able to curtail.

It's advisable governments, across board, review their COVID19 palliatives given to the people and upgrade them or they forget about this national lockdown. Any attempt to force our people indoors without adequate preparation for their welfare and well-being shall be forcefully resisted.

Oluyi Akintade Tayo
Oodua youth coalition

Ajongbolo Oluwagbenga
Publicity Secretary.
Oodua Youth Coalition.

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