Wednesday, April 15, 2020

AAF Donates Food Items To Over 100 Aged In Isolo Akure Community

Olorunsomo Smart Adeola CEO SMART360MEDIA PUBLICATIONS and Founder of Asiwaju Adeola Foundation (AAF), recently donated food items to over 100 (aged) residents of Isolo Community and less privileged at Old garage in Akure, Ondo State yesterday.

He visited the Isolo Community, Akure and donated items to over hundred people; this items were placed in a 9 in 1 package which includes Rice, Beans, Garri, Onions, Matches, Sachet Tomato, Maggi, Salt and Semovita.

While the visit to the less priveldged at Old garage was about sharing of cooked food.

Speaking on the objective of the Foundation, he said, "I had a thinking that it would be nice to bring up a foundation that will continuously help individuals across the globe, also to help put on the track the legacy my mum have been up to before her death.

"The Foundation's main aim is to feed, educate, empower and care. Before now, I and my team have been doing a yearly visit to motherless babies home with different type of items. This have started for more than 4 years now and last year we came up with a another way to empower primary schools pupils with educational materials and also payment of school fees to relief their parents"

" We were able to achieve this last year with the help of God, man and my team members. The last year project was tagged #OneNoteBookOnePen. The donation was done to over 7 primary schools across Ondo State".

The Osolo of Isolo Community in a brief discussion with Asiwaju Adeola Foundation  "commended the effort of the foundation in putting smiles in the face of the aged people of the community, he also added that the foundation should not stop the good deed they gave started"

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