Thursday, March 26, 2020


I am a bit concerned as a party member that our party seems to be falling into a clandestine trap perpetrated by our own members from within the party in their pursuit for inordinate ambition. How can a party leader and someone who has been given the privilege of leading an entire region be orchestrating and financing very divisive interests within his own party? I must ask as a student of the Agagu school of politics, would our late leader and former governor be proud of what his lieutenant has become?

The following questions becomes very important and demands prompt answers from Dr. Eddy  Olafeso our National Vice Chairman, South West region and a national officer of the party.

(A) Why was the National Vice Chairman keen on ensuring that the local government and state congresses of his own party were postponed?

(B) Why has the Zonal Vice Chairman kept his position even when he is aspiring to contest as a gubernatorial aspirant of the party? Is he not expected to resign?

(C) Can he be seen to be fair and impartial where he is expected to provide unbiased leadership in the face of the challenges of his party faces?

(D) It has been alleged that the National Vice Chairman has kept all forms for national  offices zoned to Ondo state. If true, does that not call for clarification from the national office and the zonal chairman?

(E) Why has the zonal chairman kept financing and promoting issues of Old PDP vs New PDP dichotomy within a party he seeks to lead as governor?

(F) Peradventure, the National Vice Chairman wins the candidacy of the party, what happens to the Zonal Vice Chairman slot which is zoned to Ondo state?

(G) Why has Dr. Eddy Olafeso refused to call a meeting of his own state leaders to declare to them the slots allocated to our state?

These questions demand immediate answers from our states BOT members Bode Olajumoke PhD, Chief Segun Adegoke and Ambassador Omolade Oluwateru and all leaders of the party.

The party must immediately clarify these allegations as I am of the opinion that all party members working hard towards us winning the next gubernatorial election, must demand this answers from our national vice chairman.

All members of our party, must demand answers to these questions because the issues shows to me that we are probably being sold from within the party to the opposition, considering that the request by the APC government to our party to cancel our congresses was celebrated by the National Vice Chairman.

Olanrewaju Oke writes from Okitipupa Local government

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