Friday, January 31, 2020

Drug Abuse: Youth Group Takes Drug Education To Schools In Southwest Nigeria

Concerned about the unprecedented rise in contraband use and drug abuse amongst Nigerian youth, especially in the Southwest, Oodua Youth Coalition(OYC), has concluded plans to take drug education to secondary schools across Yoruba land. This, we believe, will enlighten the students on the dangers of abuse of drugs, encourage them to abstain from it and empower them with more information to positively influence their friends and family.

Recently, video clips of sufferers of substance abuse went viral on social media, with one literally begging to be sent back to the planet earth from wherever he was. Apart from the immediate 'madness' substance abusers suffer, the long-term effects cannot be overemphasized. Loss of memory, mental disorder, financial struggles, relationship breaks, family issues, imprisonment, deaths etc are few of the effects of drug abuse.

It is important to note that drug abuse is not limited to hard and illegal substances only. Alcohol, painkillers and other legal substances could be abused too. The students would be taught a wide range of approaches to stay away from contrabands and illegal drugs and exposed to the dangers of abusing legal ones.

For sustainability, Anti-Drug clubs would be inaugurated in these schools made up of students, teachers, medical experts and volunteers spread across Yoruba land.

We are committed to promoting, protecting, projecting and preserving the omoluabi culture of the Yoruba people and we believe this drug education will serve the purpose.


Oluyi Tayo Akintade
National President

Oluwagbenga Ajongbolo
National Publicity Secretary

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