Monday, September 2, 2019


The family of a banker, Adetutu Ibrahim, who was killed by gunmen last week, has called on the Ondo State Police Command to thoroughly investigate her murder and bring the perpetrators to justice.
The 29-year-old Adetutu, who was a worker at the Oja Oba branch of First Bank of Nigeria Limited in Akure, was shot dead by two men suspected to be hired assassins at her Point of Sales service shop located in the Oke Ogba area of Akure last Wednesday.
A member of the deceased’s family, Mrs Aminat Ibrahim, insisted that she was killed by assassins and not armed robbers as earlier reported in the media.
She said the late banker had an issue with a popular businesswoman in Akure over PoS allocation, adding that the businesswoman had been issuing death threats to the deceased days before she was killed.
Aminat stated, “All we want is justice and we don’t want the police to sweep the matter under the carpet. Adetutu told us that the businesswoman had promised to deal with her over PoS allocation. She reported the matter to her bosses in the office, but they did not take any action to protect her.
“Her immediate boss even told her to go and beg the woman in her shop, because she was the bank’s customer, which Adetutu did, but right inside the shop, the woman beat Adetutu up and called her all sorts of names. In spite of that she still insisted on dealing with her. On the day we had planned to go and beg the woman again, some boys went to Adetutu’s shop and shot her dead.
“We want the government to investigate this matter properly; the perpetrators must not escape justice. We are begging the government to assist us. Justice must be served.”
It was gathered that the police had arrested the bank manager, who was the deceased’s boss, and the businesswoman accused of threatening Adetutu.
The Ondo State Police Command confirmed that it had arrested three persons in connection with the incident.
Speaking on the development, the spokesperson for the command, Mr Femi Joseph, who refused to disclose the identities of the suspects, said investigation had commenced into the matter.
“We have three people in our custody and they are helping us in our investigation; we will surely arrest the perpetrators,” Joseph said.
A source told our correspondent that the deceased had earlier reported the businesswoman at the police station following the alleged threat on her life.
He stated, “It was reported at the station that the bank manager, who was a boss to the deceased, was aware of the disagreement between Adetutu and the businesswoman over the allocation of PoS terminals, because the deceased was the officer in charge of the PoS in the bank.
“It was also reported that the manager was aware of the threat to her life prior the killing of Adetutu and failed to take action on it. But the police have started investigation into the matter.”
It was also learnt that the remains of the deceased had since been buried according to Islamic rites.

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