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The 2019 Ondo NANS/JCC  convention which started at about 11:40am on the 10th of Aug. 2019 , begins with the nomination of 4 students from various institution in ondo state as the convention chairman by the senators.

 Senator’s Attendance
 SUG President, AAUA,
SUG Representative, RUGIPO, SUG President, FECA, SUG President, FUTA,  SUG President, Nursing, SUG President, School of health, SUG President, Midwifery, SUG President, ACE,
SUG Representative, OSUSTECH.

The following student were nominated for convention chairman.
Comr. Oluwadamilare (Bosco) from ACE Comr. Olawale (Optimum) from AAUA Comr. Oluwanifemi (Aluta P) from FUTA Comr. Oluwasanmi (Captain) from OSUSTECH)

Comr. Optimum step down his nomination for Comr. Bosco while Aluta P also humbly stepped down for comr. Bosco.

Voting of Convention Chairman took place immediately between comr. Bosco and comr. Captain.

The senators voted and comr. Captain emerged the convention chairman after polling 7 votes out of the maximum 9 votes.

The convention chairman wasted no time in dissolving the comr. Rugged led administration and appointed comr. Tunmise (ex SUG president of ACE) as the convention clerk. He was assisted by Aluta P (the immediate past SUG president of FUTA) and therefore gave 5 minutes recess.


 Immediately after the re-convergence, the convention chairman started the convention with election into the office of the Vice-Chairman.

Comr. Immaculate from FECA was nominated by the SUG president of FECA and seconded by the SUG Representative of RUGIPO. There was no other nomination so comr. Immaculate was returned unopposed.

The SUG president of AAUA nominated comr. Council from Ondo state school of midwifery for the position of Welfare director and was seconded by the SUG president of Ondo state school of nursing. There was no other nomination so she was returned unopposed.

For the position of Chairman, the SUG president of ACE nominated comr. Iwamu Olabode while comrade Sampraise of AAUA supported his nomination. Futhermore, the president  of Ondo state school of Health nominated Comr. Abayomi as chairman and was seconded by the Representative of Osustech. Also, the president of FECA nominatd Comr. Babatunde (Babtee) as chairman and was supported by the Representative of RUGIPO. Finally, the President of FUTA nominated Comr. Begrin (FUTA) and was seconded by OSUSTECH Representative. In the absence of no other nomination, the convention invited the nominees and election immediately took place after all the aspirants agreed to abide with the outcome of the election in the presence of the security agencies present as well as the accredited press men.
At the end of the election, Comr. Domecy of AAUA had 1 vote, Comr. Iwamu Olabode of ACE has 1 vote, Comr. Abayomi of Osustech had no vote, comrade Babatunde of Osustech had 7 votes and comr. Begrin also had 0 votes. Comr. Babtee was decleared winner for the post of chairman and was declared and returned by the convention chairman.

Below are the full result of the election and their result in the order at which the election was conducted.

 Vice Chairman Comr. Immaculate (FECA) (Un-oppose) - WINNER

Comr. Domecy (AAUA) 1 vote
Comr. Iwamu (ACE) 1 vote
 Abayomi (OSUSTECH) 0 vote Babtee (OSUSTECH) 7 votes - WINNER
Comr. Begrin (FUTA) 0 vote.

 Welfare Director
 Comr. Council (Midwifery) Un-oppose)

 Assistance General Secretary
 Omo Senator (AAUA) 1 vote
 Comr. Belgrin (FUTA) (Decline)  
 Comr. Jayblaq (FUTA) 8 votes - WINNER

 Director of social
Comr. Omo senator (AAUA) – Un-oppose - WINNER

 Comr. Ishola David (NURSING) un-oppose - WINNER

 Comr. Mukaila Abiola (MKO, RUGIPO) 4 votes
Comr. Adewale Adesoji (Omo Oba, ACE) 5 votes -WINNER

 Sport Director
 Comr. MKO (RUGIPO) – Un-oppose
Comr. Supreme (AAUA) (Declined)

 The convention came to a close at about 2pm and the Chairman Elect addressed the pressmen in the presence of all the security agencies present.

The Chairman elect was immediately moved in a convoy by the security agencies to the police unit in Fagun.

Comr. Gbenga (CSO) (accredited press) 08068035266
 Enclosed: Full video evidence of the 2019 convention.

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