Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The Masses murmur as Governor Makinde of Oyo State declares N48bn assets

The Business Mogul Governor of Oyo State:
Source: Wikipedia.com
Oluseyi Makinde, the governor of Oyo state, adhered to his campaign promises concerning the public declaration of his assets. The governor was seen in the Oyo state office of the code of Conduct Bureau in Ibadan yesterday, 15th July 2019, to receive a copy of the asset declaration form. 

Details of the assets contained in the CCB 1 marked OYSE/2019/001 under his name Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde, includes the details of cash at hand and in the bank, household items, landed properties (both developed and undeveloped), his companies as well as shares and bonds owned by him and his wife.

The governor's Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Taiwo Adisa, made public that governor, as at May 2019, had about N234.7 million both as cash at hand and in the banks and also had about $30,0000 as of the same date.

The statement also included that properties and household in items as well measured up to N2.6billion. Included houses owned included ninee buildings in Nigeria, two in the United States of America and one in South Africa. All the declared assets summed up to N48 billion naira
Social media has been in an uproar ever since the announcement was made. Praises have been heaped on Governor Seyi, with many on the side, making snide remarks at the President, a self acclaimed man of integrity, who promised to declare his assets but is still currently yet to do so.

A few comments below
Seyi Makinde is the new whiz kid, he's setting the pace just like his state - the pace setter. He's redefining governance. This is what we are expecting of PMB & we couldn't get till now.

Seyi Makinde should be commended for declaring his assets publicly even when there's no law compelling him to do so. It is a step towards transparency and open government.

Governor Seyi Makinde, an exemplary of asset declaration and not BUHARI and his cohorts.

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